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Bilingual English/Spanish Candidates Encouraged to Apply

Recruitment #22-RE5-AA




$25,000 BONUS


40-Hours Advanced Vacation

(Upon Completion of Field Training)



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LAST DATE TO APPLY: Continuous – Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. This recruitment may close once a sufficient number of qualifying applications have been received.


THE JOB: Sheriff’s Deputies rotate among a variety of assignments including law enforcement, crime prevention and crime detection activities; serve civil papers; perform coroner functions; act as bailiff and perform other duties as required. 



Employment Standards

THE REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate awarded by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and current employment as a peace officer performing general law enforcement duties for a California city, county or the state.

A copy of your P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate must be submitted with your completed application.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession and maintenance of a valid California Class C Driver License. Ability to pass a full background investigation. Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who has applied for citizenship at least one year prior to application for employment in accordance with Section 1031.5 of the Government Code; must be at least 21 years of age at completion of academy; must be available to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays on an emergency and as needed basis.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to variable temperatures and weather conditions; confined work spaces; heights; two-way radio noise; strong, unpleasant odors; infections which might cause chronic disease or death; dust and pollens; chemical irritants; possibility of experiencing bodily injury and/or burns; contact with a diverse population.

Background Investigation: An extensive background investigation including a polygraph examination, psychological examination, drug screen and a review of the Personal History Statement which includes but is not limited to work, legal, driving, financial and drug possession histories will be conducted.

Knowledge: Working knowledge of laws pertaining to search and seizure; rules of evidence and basic criminal law; use and care of standard police firearms; law enforcement vehicular and foot patrol techniques. Some knowledge of techniques of criminal investigations; and court procedures in criminal and civil cases.

Ability to: Understand, interpret and apply State and local laws and departmental policies; react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and adopt an effective course of action; follow oral and written instructions; operate firearms safely and skillfully; obtain information through interview, interrogation and observation; write clear and accurate reports; establish and maintain effective relationships; perform a variety of active public safety duties involving strenuous physical activity, such as pursuing and restraining suspects and lifting injured persons. Normal color vision and unrestricted peripheral vision. If no corrective lenses worn, vision of at least 20/20. If glasses are worn, uncorrected vision of at least 20/100, correcting to 20/20. If soft contact lenses are worn, vision of at least 20/200, correcting to 20/20, with one year minimum of successful contact lens use. Candidates who have had corrective eye surgery must meet all applicable vision guidelines at all times of the day. A minimum of one year must have elapsed between surgery and examination, and all post-operative records must be submitted for review.


VACATION – Employees on 5/8 schedule accrue at 112 hours per year, rising to 232 hours per year after 15 years service. Employees on 4/10 schedule accrue at 86 hours per year, rising to 214 hours per year. Employee on 7/12 schedule shall be credited with 80 hours of vacation upon completion of 2080 hours. Vacation is available after 2080 hours of service.
HOLIDAYS – Employees on 5/8 schedule receive 13 paid Holidays per year. Employees on 4/10 schedule shall receive one 10 hour day off per month in lieu of prescribed holidays. Employees on 7/12 schedule shall accrue .0659 hours per hour worked in lieu of holiday.
BEREAVEMENT LEAVE – 3 days paid in California, 5 days paid out of state.
SICK LEAVE – 96 hours per year.
MEDICAL PLAN – The County contracts with CalPERS for a variety of medical plans. For most plans County contributions pay a majority of the premiums for employees and eligible dependents.
VISION PLAN – The County pays for employee coverage. Employees may purchase eligible dependent coverage.
DENTAL PLAN – County paid employee and dependent coverage.
RETIREMENT – 1959 Survivor’s Benefit plus pension formula 3% at age 55 or 2.7% at age 57 as determined based on provisions of the CA Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA). Pension benefit determined by final average compensation of three years. County pays a portion of retirement contribution.
LIFE INSURANCE – County paid $50,000 policy. Employee may purchase additional life insurance.
LONG TERM DISABILITY PLAN – Employee paid voluntary plan. Plan pays 66 2/3% of the first $15,000 of pre-disability earnings up to $10,000 per month maximum.
DEPENDENT-CARE PLAN – Employees who pay for qualifying child or dependent care expenses may elect this pre-tax program.
H-CARE PLAN – Employees who pay a County medical premium share of cost may elect this pre-tax program.
HEALTH CARE FLEXIBLE SPENDING ALLOWANCE (HCFSA) – Employees may elect this pre-tax program to cover qualifying health care expenses.
DEFERRED COMPENSATION – A deferred compensation plan is available to employees.
OTHER – County pays premium for certain requirements and assignments, including: Night Shift Pay: 5% of base pay; POST Intermediate Certificate: 3.5% of base pay; POST Advanced Certificate: 5.5% of base pay; Detective Pay: equal to 5% of base hourly rate of Deputy Sheriff; Field Training Officer Pay, 5% of base pay; Bilingual Pay: $1.00/hour for LEVEL I, $2.00/hour for LEVEL II.
ASSIGNMENTS – Opportunities for rotation to every bureau of the department.

Selection Plan

THE EXAMINATION: The examination process will consist of the following: Review of application and supplemental questionnaire (pass/fail) and a physical ability examination (pass/fail). Physical Ability Test: Part 1: Run 220 yards in 1 minute or less; Part 2: Drag a 165 pound dummy 60 feet in 1 minute or less. Applicants will be allowed two one-minute attempts to pass each part of the physical ability test. Applicants MUST PASS ALL components of the examination to be placed on the eligible list.

Background Investigation: An extensive background investigation including a polygraph examination, psychological examination, drug screen and a review of the Personal History Statement which includes but is not limited to work, legal, driving, financial and drug possession histories will be conducted.

Failure of the background investigation will include but is not limited to one of the following:
1. Unlawful use or possession of any unlawful drug within three years of application for employment.
2. Unlawful sales, distribution, manufacture, transportation of an unlawful drug.
3. Use of any unlawful drug during work hours while employed in a job related to public safety or security.
4. Termination from employment or discharge from the military because of a drug test.
5. Conviction or commission of a felony.
6. Conviction or commission of a misdemeanor within the last three years involving conduct that would adversely impact the
candidate’s ability to perform as a law enforcement officer.
7. The conviction or specified misdemeanor within the last ten years per California Penal Code 29805(c).
8. Classification as a negligent operator under the Department of Motor Vehicles: 
a. Four or more points in twelve (12) months. 
b. Six points in twenty-four (24) months. 
c. Eight points in thirty-six (36) months.
9. A peace officer applicant who is the subject of a protective order or a temporary restraining order related to domestic
violence or stalking (California Penal Code section 12021(g)(1) and US Code, Title 18, part 1, Chapter 44, Section 922).
10. Conviction of a misdemeanor containing the elements of domestic violence (US Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 44,
Section 922(d)(9)).
11. Discharge from the armed services of the United States of America under dishonorable conditions (US Code, Title 18,
Part 1, Chapter 44, Section 911(d)(6)).
12. Termination from a sworn position at a law enforcement agency.
13. Termination from any employment in the past three years for reasons that would adversely impact the candidate’s ability
to perform as a law enforcement officer.
14. Any incorrect representation, verbal misrepresentation or deletion of a material fact on an application, interview or
background investigation.
15. Any bias based on race or ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, disability, or sexual orientation that might adversely affect the exercise of powers as a law enforcement officer (AB 846 amended Section 1031).  

Any exceptions to the above may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply Online Now!  Click on the link below; or print out an application and supplemental questionnaire and mail/bring them to: Santa Cruz County Personnel Department, 701 Ocean Street, Room 510, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060.  For information, call (831) 454-2600.  Hearing Impaired TDD/TTY: 711.  Applications will meet the final filing date if received in one of the following ways:  1) in the Personnel Department by 5:00 p.m. on the final filing date, 2) submitted online before midnight of the final filing date.

Women, people of color and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  If you have a disability that requires test accommodation, please call (831) 454-2600.

To comply with the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, Santa Cruz County verifies that all new employees are either U.S. citizens or persons authorized to work in the U.S.

Some positions may be designated for bilingual pay (Spanish speaking). Candidates may qualify for bilingual pay by successfully completing a pass/fail language proficiency examination.

NOTE: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

County of Santa Cruz



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