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Santa Cruz County Personnel Department

Supplemental Questionnaire

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The supplemental questions are designed specifically for this recruitment. Applications received without the required supplemental information will be screened out of the selection process. Employment experiences referred to in your response must also be included in the Employment History section of the application.

NOTE: Please answer the question(s) below as completely and thoroughly as possible, as your answer(s) may be used to assess your qualifications for movement to the next step in the recruitment process.


Describe your experience in code enforcement related to both field and administrative work. Include your specific experience in field inspections, interpretation of rules, regulations codes and laws, maintaining records of inspections, documenting and preparing case and action files.


Describe your experience working with other agencies, such as law enforcement, State agencies, water districts, and other public entities. Include your level of involvement and how your actions contributed to a successful enforcement outcome.


Describe your knowledge of the cannabis industry and your experience working with that industry.


Please check the positions from the listing below for which you would like to be considered:

Note: Selective certification for positions may be based on the working knowledge and abilities required for the areas listed below.


Cannabis Licensing


Community Development and Infrastructure


Both departments