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Supplemental Questionnaire

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The supplemental questions are designed specifically for this recruitment. Applications received without the required supplemental information will be screened out of the selection process. Employment experiences referred to in your response must also be included in the Employment History section of the application.           

NOTE: Please answer the question(s) below as completely and thoroughly as possible, as your answer(s) may be used to assess your qualifications for movement to the next step in the recruitment process.


Have you successfully completed a Specialized Investigator’s Basic Course approved by POST (to meet Penal Code 832.25 requirements) within three years prior to appointment OR have a valid Basic Peace Officer Certificate as awarded by POST OR successfully completed the regular basic course certified by POST within three years prior to appointment? PLEASE LIST CERTIFICATIONS YOU POSSESS AND SUBMIT COPIES.


Describe the breadth of your experience (number of years and types of cases) conducting criminal investigations and provide an example of a complex case that you investigated, the techniques you used to obtain and prepare evidence and the outcome of the investigation.


Describe your experience utilizing public assistance databases (or similar mining data technology) to conduct preliminary investigations on suspected welfare fraud referrals.