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Santa Cruz County Personnel Department

Supplemental Questionnaire

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The supplemental questions are designed specifically for this recruitment. Applications received without the required supplemental information will be screened out of the selection process. Employment experiences referred to in your response must also be included in the Employment History section of the application.

Answer the question(s) below as completely and thoroughly as possible, as your answer(s) may be used to assess your qualifications for movement to the next step in the recruitment process.


List and describe any experience you have with hand tools, power tools, and learning/following safety practices.


Describe any commercial work experience you have in electrical work, plumbing work, or other types of construction or maintenance.  


Describe any experience you have working in confined/tight spaces, working outdoors, and/or working in inclement weather.  


In the past ten (10) years, have you had any jobs that required you to operate a commercial motor vehicle and possess a Class A or Class B Commercial Driver License?  If you answered YES, please complete the work history described in Question 5.

Yes No

Department of Transportation federal regulations require that the County of Santa Cruz obtain specific employment history for any and all jobs that you have held in the last ten (10) years that required you to operate a commercial motor vehicle.  For each of these jobs, you must provide the information requested below. Starting with the most recent employment, list:

  • name and address of former employers
  • dates of employment (from and to)
  • number of hours worked per week
  • type of vehicle driven
  • reason for leaving