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Supplemental Questionnaire

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These supplemental questions are designed specifically for this recruitment. Applications received without the required supplemental information will be screened out of the selection process. Employment experiences referred to in your response must also be included in the Employment History section of the application.

Please answer the question(s) below as completely and thoroughly as possible, as your answers may be used to assess your qualifications for movement to the next step in the recruitment process.


Describe any work-related knowledge or skills with electronic and electrical low voltage and power voltage from 120-volt up to 480-volt single phase and three phase.


List any experience that you have working with process instrumentation and control equipment software in pump stations, water and wastewater treatment processes.


List any experience you have with reading and interpreting equipment schematics, system network diagrams, plans, and electrical wiring diagrams for analog and digital systems.


For applicants who do not possess a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in instrumentation, computers, or electronics, list all college-level coursework you have completed in instrumentation, computers, or electronics, including the course title and the number and type (semester or quarter) of course credits received.