$16.39-$16.39 hourly / $2,841.00-$2,841.00 monthly / $34,091.20-$34,091.20 yearly
$17.21-$17.21 hourly / $2,983.00-$2,983.00 monthly / $35,796.80-$35,796.80 yearly
$18.08-$18.08 hourly / $3,134.00-$3,134.00 monthly / $37,606.40-$37,606.40 yearly
$18.98-$18.98 hourly / $3,290.00-$3,290.00 monthly / $39,478.40-$39,478.40 yearly


Under close to general supervision depending on the class level, incumbent performs any of a wide variety of field or office tasks that may include public contact or research; assists in the performance of unskilled or skilled clerical, technical or professional duties; and performs other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Incumbents in this class series are restricted to extra help, non-benefited employment status. The purpose of these classifications is to provide practical and meaningful work experience related to the student's field of study. County employment should provide the student with exposure to a specific field as a potential or chosen career area, or provide an opportunity for field training for students in professional disciplines who are candidates or graduation, licensing or advanced degrees. Normally employment will be during breaks in the school year or employment during the school year as part of an internship, work experience or other program sponsored by an accredited educational institution. 

The class of Student Worker IV differs from the professional level classes in each discipline in that student workers must be supervised by a professional who already has met the requirements for that profession who routinely use of professional level knowledge and ability, and by the purpose for employment. 

Typical Tasks

Duties will vary in nature according to the department assigned and may include heavy manual field or office work, operating field or office equipment, providing information to the public, gathering and analyzing data, preparing reports or other work products and assisting with technical or professional work. 

Additional for Student Worker IV: Performs professional level duties appropriate to student interns at a baccalaureate or advanced degree level; provides direct services to clients in continuing case management, medical diagnosis and treatment; conducts field studies and gathers research data using standardized procedures, scientific methods and testing devices; learns to prepare appropriate documentation for activities, including administrative reports, case histories, progress reports, completion of forms; communicates, consults, refers to a variety of organizations, agencies, programs and individuals in the course of assigned duties; attends and participates in standard activities such as staff meetings, in-service training, conferences, and workshops. 

Employment Standards

Knowledge and Ability: Commensurate to work assignment. 

Education: Specific academic course work related or preparatory to the work assignment. For Student Worker IV’s in an internship program, acceptance of the college/university's internship contract by the County department. 


Requires enrollment when school is in session with a minimum of nine (9) units, unless otherwise specifically provided for in an college/university's student internship contract. 


Student Worker I - high school enrollment. 
Student Worker II - college freshman or sophomore standing.
Student Worker III - college junior or senior standing. 
Student Worker IV - graduation from a four-year college or university and enrollment in an accredited postgraduate program. 

Other Requirements: 

Some positions require possession of a valid California Class C driver’s license or the ability to provide suitable transportation that is approved by the appointing authority, as well as physical and mental capability of performing the position's essential functions as summarized under the Typical Tasks section for this position.


Bargaining Unit: 9C
Workers’ Comp Code: 0053
EEOC Code: 00
OCC Unit Group: 88
Analyst:  TC
Revised Date(s): 10/88, 11/97, 8/99, 7/01

CLASS: VJ2; EST: 11/1/1969; REV: 7/1/2004;
CLASS: VJ4; EST: 11/1/1969; REV: 7/1/2004;
CLASS: VJ6; EST: 11/1/1969; REV: 7/1/2004;
CLASS: VJ8; EST: 11/1/1969; REV: 7/1/2004;