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$41.60-$55.53 hourly / $7,211.00-$9,625.00 monthly / $86,528.00-$115,502.40 yearly


Under direction, to plan, organize, direct and coordinate the central administrative services of a department with numerous program and business activities; and to do related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Positions in the Administrative Services Officer class series are characterized by responsibility for those administrative management services required by all divisions of a department, and by the performance of fiscal, supervisory and analytical duties. Positions normally are assigned responsibility for preparation and administration of departmental budgets, supervising central office service activities, and conducting analyses to solve management problems. The level of position in the Administrative Services Officer series is dependent upon the responsibility and complexity of assignment, the variety and complexity of departmental programs, the nature of the budget and fiscal program, the nature of centralized office activities, the nature of management analysis activities, and the level of authority delegated by the department head.

Administrative Services Officer II is distinguished from Administrative Services Officer I by the increased complexity and responsibility due to the variety and number of functions and/or size of the department, the nature of the budget and fiscal program, and the level of management analysis activities.

Typical Tasks

Plans, organizes, assigns and reviews work, and passes upon varied management problems in directing fiscal, personnel, office service and general business activities of the department; supervises the data processing procedures for departmental operations; recommends departmental policies in administrative services and business management; assists and coordinates fiscal and accounting responsibilities with the office of the County Auditor-Controller; directs and makes administrative studies of the organizational structure and the administrative procedures of the department; determines production standards and ensures uniform procedures; directs budgetary and fiscal control programs and assists in the formulation and preparation of the department's budget; maintains procedure liaison with other departments; develops administrative manuals; exercises direct supervision and prepares reports and dictates correspondence.

Employment Standards


Working knowledge of:

  • Work organization, simplification and layout.
  • Principles and practices of accounting, bookkeeping, finance and budgeting.
  • Principles of supervision, training and personnel management.
  • Principles and techniques of administrative survey and analysis.  

Some knowledge of:

  • Governmental accounting, budgeting and finance.
  • Data processing applications.
  • Purchasing procedures.

Ability to:

  • Select, train, supervise and evaluate subordinates.
  • Define problem areas.
  • Collect, interpret and evaluate data.
  • Plan, coordinate and initiate action necessary to implement recommendations, new methods and new procedures.
  • Develop concise, descriptive and sometimes standardized written or oral reports that relate to the theme or objective and reflect continuity of thought.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relations with others contacted in course of work.

Training and Experience: Equivalent to graduation from an accredited college with a major preferably in business or public administration and two years of experience in research, investigation, and reporting on organizational, fiscal or personnel matters, or other administrative or managerial experience which would provide the knowledge and abilities listed above.


Bargaining Unit: 11
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping: 85
Workers' Compensation Code: 0053
Analyst: PT

CLASS: UW5; EST: 7/1/1977; REV: 12/1/1980;