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$36.21-$45.84 hourly / $6,276.00-$7,945.00 monthly / $75,316.80-$95,347.20 yearly


Under general supervision, to plan, develop, implement, and coordinate Public Works equipment training, and perform other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This single position classification is responsible for Public Works equipment safety and training programs in conformance with State/Federal regulations and County policy and to increase departmental efficiency by reducing accidents and overall costs due to safety equipment operations problems. The incumbent acts as a resource to Public Works employees and management to resolve equipment safety issues. This class differs from Public Works managerial/supervisory classifications in that the responsibilities are specific to department-wide equipment safety/operational programs and issues. The incumbent will work under the supervision of the Assistant Public Works Superintendent for Fleet Maintenance or the Public Works Manager I for consultative assistance and to ensure program conformance with State/Federal regulations and County policy.

Typical Tasks

Develops, distributes and maintains current department policy and procedure manual; for each piece of vehicular equipment, develops and implements safe equipment operating procedures and training/retraining programs for each piece of equipment; ensures that equipment training programs conform with State/Federal regulations and County policy; conducts and/or oversees training programs to prepare vehicular equipment operators for the licensing examination; ensures that all Public Works classifications involved in operating vehicular equipment attend training/re-training, become licensed and maintain licensure to operate specified equipment; develops and maintains a variety of equipment training and safety records; provides Accident Review Council with details and if appropriate assists affected division superintendent with recommended action regarding safety improvements; computes and reports statistical data; consults with Public Works employees on equipment safety issues.

Employment Standards


  • Working knowledge of safe operation and maintenance of Public Works equipment.
  • Some knowledge of State and Federal laws relating to equipment operation and safety;
  • Some knowledge of data collection and analysis to evaluate effectiveness of Public Works equipment training programs.

Ability to:

  • Implement and coordinate loss prevention and safety programs for Public Works equipment;
  • Plan, develop and conduct training programs and manuals for each piece of Public Works vehicular equipment;
  • Safely operate Public Works light/heavy equipment;
  • Obtain training/operation certifications when necessary;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships;
  • Identify Public Works equipment training needs, develop objectives and procedures and evaluate results;
  • Define problems, collect, evaluate and analyze data and develop alternate solutions to complex problems;
  • Prepare and maintain a variety of written and computer generated training records and technical reports clearly and logically;
  • Understand and explain a variety of laws, codes and standards.

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

Four years experience in a Santa Cruz County Public Works position or other Public Works environment, which would demonstrate capability to carry out the listed knowledge and abilities necessary to successfully perform the job satisfactorily.

Special Requirements, Conditions:

License Requirements: Possession of a valid California class A driver license including Tank endorsement.

Other Special Requirements: Alcohol and drug tests will be administered to all candidates prior to final selection for positions requiring class A or B driver licenses upon entry and to employees in positions requiring these licenses, as mandated by Department of Transportation federal regulations. In addition, all candidates must provide specific employment history for up to the past ten years for all jobs they have held which required operation of a commercial motor vehicle.


Previous Class Title: Public Works Safety Specialist
Bargaining Unit: General Representation 
EEOC Category: 03 
Occupational Grouping: 85 
Workers Comp Code: 0285
Analyst: SA/TC

CLASS: UT2; EST: 9/1/1988; REV: 3/1/2013;