Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$32.36-$43.13 hourly / $5,609.00-$7,476.00 monthly / $67,308.80-$89,710.40 yearly

Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$38.04-$50.82 hourly / $6,593.00-$8,809.00 monthly / $79,123.20-$105,705.60 yearly


Under direction, to collect, organize and analyze data involved with organizational and functional studies, management information systems and data processing, administrative systems and procedures or preparation of budget proposals; to prepare detailed research reports and recommendations; to provide departmental information to other departments and agencies; and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Assistant Departmental Administrative Analyst is the trainee and first working level in the Departmental Administrative Analyst series. Incumbents of positions in this class are initially assigned work of a well-defined and limited nature which is subject to review in progress and upon completion; more difficult assignments and greater latitude are provided as skills and knowledge are acquired through experience.

Departmental Administrative Analyst is the journey class in operating departments. Incumbents of positions in this class independently perform varied and difficult work and review of their work is generally done upon completion. Assignments may include work direction of selected operating personnel on a special project basis or of paraprofessional administrative staff on a continuing basis.

Typical Tasks

Investigates, studies, analyzes and makes reports of operating procedures and administrative problems; collects, assembles, analyzes and interprets data related to departmental and inter-departmental operations, including application of management information systems and data processing, functions, organizational structure, staffing, forms and procedures and space and physical layout; prepares organizational and workflow charts; assists departmental operating heads on management problems, technical problems and procedures; assist in budget analysis and in assembly and preparation of budget proposals; assists in establishment of standard management procedures; provides information and explains policies of department to other departments and agencies; prepares detailed written, oral and graphic reports in connection with studies; reviews legislation and literature and prepares briefs; may direct the work of a small number of operating personnel in process of completing special projects; inputs, accesses and analyzes data using a computer; may direct the work of paraprofessional administrative staff.

Employment Standards


Assistant Departmental Administrative Analyst

  • Some knowledge of research principles and methods;
  • Some knowledge of administrative survey and evaluative principles and techniques;
  • Some knowledge of communication skills and techniques required for gathering, evaluating and transmitting information, and effective interviewing at all functioning levels of the department or other public or private agencies;
  • Some knowledge of modern office methods and procedures;
  • Some knowledge of budgeting procedures (for designated positions);
  • Some knowledge of statistical methods;
  • Some knowledge of the application of data processing to department operations.

Departmental Administrative Analyst

  • Working knowledge of the above.

Ability to:

  • Define problem areas;
  • Collect, interpret and evaluate data;
  • Project consequences of recommendations;
  • Coordinate visual observation, oral and/or written communications into concise, descriptive and sometimes standardized written or oral formats that relate to the essential theme or objective and reflect continuity of thought;
  • Work tactfully with others to achieve work objectives and resolve conflicting views;
  • Act as liaison to advise and/or resolve existing differences between divisions, supervisor and/or subordinates;
  • Interpret laws, legislation, ordinances, administrative policies and procedures;
  • Input, access and analyze data using a computer.

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience, that would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying.   A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Assistant Departmental Administrative Analyst: Equivalent to graduation from college with completion of college level or equivalent level courses in Principles and Techniques of Public Administration, Management Principles and Techniques, Administrative Analysis or Problem Solving Techniques, Principles and Practices of Organization, Business Law, and Principles and Techniques of Supervision, or closely related subject matter area.

Departmental Administrative Analyst: Two years of experience performing duties comparable to an Assistant Departmental Administrative Analyst in Santa Cruz County.




Bargaining Unit:  11
EEOC Job Category:  02
Occupational Grouping:  85
Worker’s Comp Code:  0053

CLASS: US1; EST: 7/1/1979; REV: 5/1/1989;
CLASS: US3; EST: 7/1/1979; REV: 5/1/1989;