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$83.14-$111.44 hourly / $14,411.00-$19,316.00 monthly / $172,931.20-$231,795.20 yearly


Subject to legislative and administrative determination of policy, to plan, organize and direct the administration of electronic information and data processing services of the County, and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This single position class is responsible for the administration of the Information Services Department. The incumbent plans, organizes and directs through subordinate supervisors the centralized electronic information services and data processing activities of the County, including application development, system software, telecommunications, and computer and data entry operations. The incumbent evaluates, plans, schedules and coordinates departmental work activities, determines departmental personnel and fiscal needs, coordinates the work of information and data processing services with operating departments, interprets and implements departmental and Board policies and legislation affecting departmental activities, acts as a consultant to County departments on information services issues, and assists departments with decentralized information services and data processing systems. The duties and responsibilities of the position require a high degree of administrative skill and broad knowledge of information services and operations. This position receives direction from the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer.

Typical Tasks

Develops and recommends goals, policies and plans for carrying out County information service functions consistent with overall County goals; plans, schedules, coordinates and directs through subordinate supervisors departmental information service activities, including application design, programming, system software, production control, and computer and data entry operations; consults with and advises department heads and operating department personnel concerning the feasibility of placing County functions on computer or allied data processing equipment; participates in administrative and technical studies of long range data processing, equipment and personnel needs; assigns and adjusts priorities and schedules for projects; keeps affected operating departments informed of changes or problems relating to data processing activities; selects, and evaluates subordinate supervisory personnel; prepares and directs the preparation of management reports and activity reports; directs or performs feasibility studies related to centralized or decentralized data processing applications; evaluates the effectiveness of existing services and operations; develops work performance standards, analyzes work load needs, and prepares preliminary budget expenditure and staff allocations, reviews reports of work completed and in progress; makes periodic reports summarizing work progress to Board of Supervisors; recommends and implements policies, program changes and operating standards for County information services and data processing operations; appears before Board of Supervisors to present plans, objectives and time tables for major work programs, directs preparation and administration of contract agreements; confers with and advises subordinates on administrative policies and procedures, technical problems and priorities; directs preparation of reports and recommendations for equipment and software package acquisition; represents County in regional and statewide coordinated information services and data processing activities; prepared administrative and technical reports; prepares correspondence.

Employment Standards


  • Thorough knowledge of principles, methods and techniques of systems and design necessary to develop and evaluate program priorities, goals and objectives, to analyze and recommend organizational and administrative policies, to define functional responsibilities, and to determine manpower and equipment needs.
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and effective practices of management, including organization and administration. 
  • Working knowledge of developments and trends in the field of electronic data processing. 
  • Working knowledge of principles and techniques of production planning, scheduling and control requirements for an electronic data processing installation 
  • Working knowledge of principles of electronic computer systems and equipment operations. 
  • Working knowledge of principles of program planning and systems analysis in computer programming. 
  • Some knowledge of the principles of software programming. 
  • Some knowledge of budgetary procedures as they pertain to an operating department.
Ability to:

  • Plan, organize, coordinate and direct the operation of centralized information services and data processing operation.
  • Plan, coordinate, and organize in conjunction with other departments the operation of decentralized information services and data processing systems or a combination of centralized and decentralized operations. 
  • Exercise initiative, ingenuity and sound judgment in solving difficult administrative, technical and personnel problems. 
  • Evaluate electronic information policy and program practices, define problem areas, and develop and direct the implementation of policy decisions and practices to improve departmental operations and services. 
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with public officials, staff, operating department personnel and others contacted in course of work. 
  • Understand and interpret to others the aims, concepts and practices of data processing services. 
  • Interpret and apply complex policies, regulations and technical data. Prepare clear and concise administrative and technical reports.
  • Speak effectively.


Any combination of training and experience, which provides the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be: 

  • Three years of administrative or supervisory experience in information services and data processing systems analysis, programming or computer operations.


Previous Title: Director of Data Processing
Bargaining Unit: 04
Workers’ Comp Code: 0053
EEOC Code: 01
OCC Unit Group: 84
Analyst: GLD
Revised Date(s): 4/81

CLASS: UP9; EST: 3/1/1979; REV: 6/1/2004;