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$50.93-$68.02 hourly / $8,828.00-$11,790.00 monthly / $105,934.40-$141,481.60 yearly


Under general direction, plan, organize, coordinate and direct the wastewater management, water quality, land use, and water resources programs of Environmental Health Services; supervise professional and technical staff involved in water quality testing and monitoring activities, water resource monitoring and management activities, and land use permitting; may act for the Director of Environmental Health in their absence as assigned; and perform other duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This single position class is responsible for the Wastewater Management and Water Quality Section of the Environmental Health Division of the Health Services Agency. Responsibilities include the development and refinement of work programs relating to septic system management, ground water quality monitoring, technical analysis and reporting. This class is distinguished from the next higher class of Environmental Health Director in that the latter class has overall responsibility for the Environmental Health Division and requires a certificate of registration as an Environmental Health Specialist issued by the California State Department of Health Services.

Typical Tasks

Plan, organize and direct overall land use and water resource management activities. Analyze and solve difficult administrative and technical problems. Establish priorities. Prepare the program budget and oversee expenditures. Develop and review the daily management and refinement of work programs for septic system management, nitrate management, development of new sewer systems, watershed management, septic system inspection, permitting, and enforcement, septic loan programs, well permitting, land use development, water quality monitoring and protection, natural bathing area monitoring and protection and overall water resource management. Supervise, train and evaluate the work of subordinate professional and technical staff engaged in wastewater and water quality monitoring, testing and data analysis, permit approval. Ensure that program activities conform to laws, rules and regulations. Direct the preparation and/or prepare program reports for the Board of Supervisors, special districts, State and Federal agencies. Prepare grant applications and administer State, Federal and local grants for water quality protection, watershed management, beach area monitoring, and sewer feasibility studies including budget preparation, planning, hiring of consultants, report submittal and billing. Prepare correspondence and reports.

Attend public meetings and makes presentations to community groups, boards, committees and community groups. Represent the County and/or Health Services Agency on inter-agency and inter-governmental task forces or groups working on water issues. Provide technical assistance to program staff and to the public. Prepare scope of work, request for bids, and contracts for work performed by consultants. Identify program management information needs and assist in designing new systems. Coordination of data management systems, network access, mainframe access, and mainframe applications, including design, set up and oversight of databases and coordination with Planning, Information Services, Assessors Office and other departments on County land use and tax systems. Develop and implement program policy as assigned. Monitor water related legislation and provide advice on County and special district activities. Attend meetings and conferences. Plan, organize, direct and coordinate a comprehensive environmental health program, as assigned, in the absence of the Director of Environmental Health.

Employment Standards


Thorough knowledge of:

  • Research methods, including data collection and analysis.
  • Methods of report preparation and presentation.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation.

Working knowledge of:

  • Water quality testing, monitoring, and data analysis.
  • Methods and procedures used in inspections and/or investigations to ensure installation of septic systems in accordance with appropriate laws, policies, procedures, regulations and rules.
  • Laws, policies, procedures, regulations and rules regulating wastewater management, water quality and water resources.
  • The principles and practices of supervision and training.
  • Effective management principles and practices.
  • The principles of hydrology, water quality, soils, geology, and sewage disposal.
  • Grant writing and grant administration.
  • The application of data processing to water testing and reporting operations.
  • The principles of environmental and land use planning.

Some knowledge of:

  • Grant writing and grant administration.
  • The principles and practices of budgeting and accounting operations.
  • The legislative process and policy formulation.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize, direct and coordinate varied Countywide and inter-govern mental wastewater, water quality, and water resources program operations.
  • Effectively supervise, train and evaluate subordinate staff.
  • Schedule, prioritize and assign work.
  • Analyze and evaluate wastewater management, water quality, and water resources related operations and administrative problems.
  • Solve complicated wastewater management, water quality, water resources and land use problems.
  • Prepare comprehensive wastewater management, water quality and water resources reports and recommendations.
  • Write, recommend, interpret, apply and explain complex water laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and groups, including elected officials, community groups, consultants, and County departments.
  • Conduct meetings and serve as the County representative and technical advisor on assigned projects.
  • Communicate orally before groups for the purpose of explaining complex data.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of computerized data management systems.
  • Utilize computer programs pertaining to wastewater management, water quality, water resources and land use.
  • Collect, compile, analyze and evaluate technical and statistical data.
  • Track, monitor and advocate legislation.
  • Develop, implement and monitor grants.
  • Plan, organize, direct and coordinate a comprehensive environmental health program, as assigned, in the absence of the Director of Environmental Health.
  • Act as a consultant and advisor for environmental health matters, as signed, in the absence of the Director of Environmental Health.

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with a major in natural, physical or environmental science, geology, public administration, or a closely related field.


Three years of increasingly responsible wastewater management, water resources and/or water quality management experience which included one year as a manager or supervisor.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

License Requirements: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License or the employee must be able to provide suitable transportation which is approved by the appointing authority.Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License or the employee must be able to provide suitable transportation which is approved by the appointing authority.

Other Special Requirements: May require working irregular hours, such as responding to emergency calls and attending after hours and/or weekend meetings.


Bargaining Unit: 11
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping: 74
Workers Comp Code: 0053
Analyst: CE

CLASS: TK7; EST: 7/1/1999;