Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$34.98-$44.33 hourly / $6,063.00-$7,684.00 monthly / $72,758.40-$92,206.40 yearly


Under general supervision, to interview, assess and counsel eligible applicants; to develop individualized employability plans; to solicit employment and work training opportunities for clients from prospective employers; to refer clients for employment, classroom, on-the-job training; and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Employment and Training Specialist: Positions in this class interview and counsel clients with employment barriers to assist them in becoming employable through placement in appropriate classroom, or on-the-job training or direct employment referral.

Senior Employment and Training Specialist: Positions in this class serve as lead workers with the responsibility of training and reviewing the work of Employment and Training Specialist or other staff. In addition incumbents carry a full case load of the more difficult and complex cases.

Typical Tasks

Employment and Training Specialist interviews eligible applicants to determine work best suited to their particular skills and abilities; assesses applicant qualifications and readiness for job referral, classroom training, on-the-job training or other training or support services; administers tests to identify aptitudes, educational and vocational achievements and interests; interprets and discusses tests results with applicants; explores and identifies employment barriers with applicants; develops employability plans; counsels clients regarding recommended solutions and suggested supportive services; contacts private employers, public and private non-profit agencies, employment agencies and civic groups by field visit, telephone and other communication to solicit employment and training opportunity for clients; negotiates with employers to develop training positions, including salary, and training elements prepares, processes and monitors training contracts; refers clients to training programs and other resources to improve employability; maintains detailed information on area employers regarding types of employment available, qualification for employment, and salaries and benefits; assists clients to prepare applications and resumes, and for interviews; conducts workshops in job search techniques and appropriate career planning methods; maintains and updates records on client employment and/or training, as well as performing follow-up activities on caseload; confers with other staff on plans for client employment or training; prepares reports on caseload and program activities; takes part in promotion and outreach activities to disseminate information about the program to prospective applicants and employers; prepares reports and correspondence; may input, access and analyze data using a computer; maintains records.

Senior Employment and Training Specialist:

The above, plus:

Trains, schedules and evaluates the work of staff; coordinates between grant programs; acts as lead for specialized programs; assesses and develops employability plans for the more difficult to place applicants; conducts case conferences and on-the-job training with staff; acts as liaison to community groups concerning employment and training programs; provides technical assistance to staff and providers.

Employment Standards


Employment and Training Specialist

  • Working knowledge of interviewing techniques;
  • Working knowledge of career, vocational or employment counseling techniques;
  • Working knowledge of the fundamental principles of human behavior;
  • Working knowledge of appropriate record keeping methods;
  • Working knowledge of employment and training programs and related community resources;
  • Some knowledge of the hiring trends and practices of private and public sector employers;
  • Some knowledge of common occupational titles, the usual minimum qualifications, training and/or experience required in order to secure employment in those occupations;
  • Some knowledge of the resources available for military veterans may be required for some positions.

Senior Employment and Training Specialist

The above, plus:

  • Working knowledge of career planning practices and techniques;
  • Working knowledge of employment counseling tools including interest and vocational surveys and tests.

Ability to:

Employment and Training Specialist

  • Interview persons from various backgrounds, to obtain information concerning their employment skills and occupational aspirations;
  • Identify and assess needs and barriers to employment and develop meaningful employability plans;
  • Implement client employability plans through referral to appropriate programs;
  • Design and conduct individual and/or group training to improve job readiness of clients;
  • Conduct follow-up with clients and employers to evaluate progress and take necessary corrective actions;
  • Prepare reports, forms, plans and agreements;
  • Interpret, explain and apply complex Federal and State regulations;
  • Maintain a large caseload of both applicants and participants;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others;
  • Plan and schedule work;
  • Effectively utilize community agency resources;
  • Work with employers to develop employment opportunities;
  • Learn to input, access and analyze data using a computer.

Senior Employment and Training Specialist

The above, plus:

  • Train and evaluate staff;
  • Coordinate activities between programs;
  • Maintain a complex caseload;
  • Conduct interest and vocational assessments and tests;

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

Employment and Training Specialist One year experience in career, vocational or employment counseling which would demonstrate the application of knowledge and abilities or 6 months of experience in career, vocational or employment counseling and successful completion of twelve (12) college level semester units in psychology, sociology, counseling or other related field which demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and abilities.

Senior Employment and Training Specialist Two years of experience in career, vocational or employment counseling and successful completion of fifteen (15) semester units in psychology, sociology, counseling, career planning, testing and measurements or related courses.


One year of experience equivalent to Employment and Training Specialist in Santa Cruz County.


Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License, or the incumbent must be able to provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.


ORIG: 2/85
REV: 8/86, 1/88
Analyst: JAD:om
Revised Date(s): 08/86

CLASS: SH2; EST: 2/1/1985; REV: 1/1/1988;