Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$36.03-$45.52 hourly / $6,245.00-$7,890.00 monthly / $74,942.40-$94,681.60 yearly


Under direction, plan, organize and conduct health education programs for major program areas of the Health Services Agency; and do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating public health education programs for major program areas of the Health Services Agency.

Typical Tasks

Develops, implements and evaluates health education programs, as assigned, for various priority populations, including but not limited to mental health, maternal and child health, injury prevention, substance abuse, family planning, chronic diseases, communicable diseases or other health related programs conducted by the agency; analyzes and collects data necessary to identify problems and design health education programs; works collaboratively with schools and community groups and agencies in order to achieve a greater impact and to avoid duplication; contacts private industry and community agencies to collaborate and promote health education programs; develops cooperative working relationships with representatives of the media; prepares and distributes health education information through the Internet, social media, news releases, reports, bulletins, exhibits and publications; identifies community resources useful in implementing health education programs; coordinates and assists others in developing and presenting special conferences, meetings and other education programs; responds to requests from the public for topic area experts, and resources pertaining to community health; reviews, selects, assembles, and distributes health related information; conducts an on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of health education activities; maintains records and prepares correspondence and reports; plans, coordinates and implements health related staff training programs. Health Educators may mentor and direct the work of Interns and community volunteers under the guidance of their direct supervisor.

Employment Standards


  • Working knowledge of community health problems, existing methods of intervention and control, and the health education needs of various target groups;
  • Working knowledge of the principles of health education, including program planning, design and evaluation;
  • Working knowledge of health education methods;
  • Working knowledge of the principles of educational and social psychology;
  • Working knowledge of the philosophy, concepts and principles of public health;
  • Working knowledge of the functions and services of local community health agencies and community organizations.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize, implement and evaluate health education programs for various priority populations;
  • Effectively use and evaluate health education methods and materials;
  • Provide health education consultation to and develop co-operative relationships with a wide range of individuals and representatives of news media and community agencies and groups ;
  • Prepare and present oral and written material convincingly clearly and logically;
  • Present program overviews and findings to community stakeholders and funders.

Typical Training and Experience:

Pursuant to Section 1303 of the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, must possess a Master's Degree in public or community health education from a college or university accredited by the American Public Health Association.

Special Requirements:

Possession and maintenance of a valid California Class C Driver License or the incumbent must be able to provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.


Bargaining Unit: General Representation

Unit EEOC Job Category: 02

Occupational Group: 48

Workers’ Comp Code: 0290

CLASS: NH7; EST: 1/1/1976; REV: 5/1/2014;