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$39.25-$49.67 hourly / $6,803.00-$8,609.00 monthly / $81,640.00-$103,313.60 yearly


Under general direction, plan, develop, supervise, evaluate and monitor a specific health education program(s) for the Health Services Agency; and do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class is distinguished from the Health Educator class in that the incumbent is responsible for the preparation, administration and evaluation of a specific public health education program(s), grant development, grant contracts and program budgets. In addition the incumbent supervises staff assigned to a specific program(s).

The class is distinguished from the Health Services Manager in that the latter provides final oversight, and approval to all programs that are developed, implemented and evaluated by the Senior Health Educator. The Senior Health Educator position with direction from the Health Services Manager is responsible for the preparation, administration and evaluation of the public health education efforts of a specific program(s).

Typical Tasks

Plans, implements and evaluates a specific public health education program(s); assesses and identifies community needs for educational services in a specific program area(s); provides infrastructure and support to county Task Forces and Coalitions in alignment with Health Services Agency’s mission statement, plans, organizes, designs, develops, evaluates public health education activities; carries out or directs others to carry out public health education activities including educational presentations and workshops; assists in the development and adaptation of data collection instruments and designs for assessment and evaluation activities; develops educational materials, flyers and provides information to the community; selects, trains, directs, evaluates and handles disciplinary problems of subordinate staff; seeks funding sources for specific public health education program(s); prepares grant proposals; develops memoranda of understanding and budgets; negotiates and monitors contracts with the State and other subcontractors; develops and maintains liaison with interfacing State and County departments, community organizations and the media; serves as the community leader of public health education efforts for a specific program(s); inputs, accesses and analyzes data using a computer.

Employment Standards


  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of public health education including program planning and evaluation;
  • Thorough knowledge of public health education methods and materials including teaching methods and curriculum design;
  • Thorough knowledge of assessment techniques to identify community health problems in specific program area(s); existing methods of intervention and control and the health education needs of various priority groups;
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of community organization for enhancing public health;
  • Thorough knowledge of the philosophy, concepts and principles of public health; Working knowledge of the functions and services of local community health agencies and community organizations;
  • Working knowledge of publicity and media practices and procedures; Working knowledge of grant proposal writing and budgeting techniques;
  • Working knowledge of the principles and practices of staff supervision and training.

Ability to:

  • Design, plan, organize, implement and evaluate public health education programs;
  • Effectively use and evaluate public health education methods and materials;
  • Provide public health education consultation and develop cooperative relationships with a wide range of individuals and representatives of the news media and organizations;
  • Prepare and present a variety of clear and concise written and oral reports;
  • Analyze and prepare grant proposals, contracts and related budgets;
  • Negotiate and monitor contracts;
  • Originate, prepare and distribute informational and publicity materials;
  • Plan, assign, direct and evaluate the work of staff;
  • Interpret legislation, regulations, administrative policies and procedures;
  • Chair Task Forces and Coalitions, providing guidance and support to community partners.
  • Input, access and analyze data utilizing a computer.

Typical Training and Experience:

Pursuant to Section 1303 of the California Code of Regulations, Title 17, must possess a Master's Degree in public or community health education from a college or university accredited by the American Public Health Association.


Two years of experience in public health education, or related field, which would provide the knowledge and abilities listed above.

Special Requirements:

Possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver License or the incumbent must be able to provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.


Bargaining Unit: General Representation

Unit EEOC Job Category: 02

Occupational Grouping: 48

Workers’ Comp Code: 0290

CLASS: NH6; EST: 4/1/1984; REV: 5/1/2014;