Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$40.24-$50.92 hourly / $6,975.00-$8,826.00 monthly / $83,699.20-$105,913.60 yearly


Under general supervision, performs microbiological and related biological and biochemical examinations; directs the work of Laboratory Assistants and in the absence of the Laboratory Director, supervises the laboratory; does other work as required.

Typical Tasks

Performs examinations and control tests including mycobacteriological, mycological, parasitological, serological and bacteriological examinations to determine the absence or presence and the nature of disease or abnormal conditions; conducts quality control tests on media and reagents; prepares and examines specimens for rabies; may test milk and water samples and prepare culture media, stains and reagents; if certified or licensed may draw and examine blood and make qualitative determinations of blood, urine and other body fluids; prepares specimens for mailing to reference laboratories; sets up and cares for laboratory equipment and apparatus; keeps records and makes reports; checks and requisitions equipment and supplies; confers with medical personnel; assists in directing and training technical and professional personnel.

Employment Standards


  • Thorough knowledge of equipment, terminology and techniques used to perform laboratory tests; 
  • Working knowledge of the principles of bacteriology, serology, mycology, parasitology and virology; 
  • Working knowledge of causes and modes of transmission of communicable diseases; 
  • Working knowledge of preparation, mounting and staining of specimens.
Ability to:

  • Perform microbiological and biochemical examinations skillfully;
  • Set up and operate technical laboratory equipment and perform accurate tests and analyses;
  • Detect equipment malfunctions and substitute alternative testing method;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions;
  • Keep accurate records and prepare reports;
  • Establish and maintain cooperative-working relationships with those contacted in the course of work;
  • Communicate effectively with patients;
  • Observe proper safety precautions and procedures.

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience, which would demonstrate possession of the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

Possession of a valid Public Health Microbiologist Certificate issued by the California State Department of Health Services.


Possession of a valid California Class C Driver's License (or) the employee must be able to provide suitable transportation which is approved by the appointing authority.

A valid Certificate of Proficiency in Dairy Bacteriology and Milk Analysis issued by the California State Department of Food and Agriculture may be obtained during employment if necessary.  


Analyst: MM

CLASS: NE7; EST: 10/1/1982;