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$30.55-$38.57 hourly / $5,295.00-$6,685.00 monthly / $63,544.00-$80,225.60 yearly


Under general supervision, perform building and ground maintenance; monitor and adjust landfill gas equipment; operate and maintain heavy equipment; compute and collect fees from refuse haulers; measure, inspect and weigh refuse to determine refuse quantity and type; assist customers in the recycling and diversion areas sorting and identifying recyclable items; and perform other various duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Disposal Site Maintenance Workers perform maintenance of landfill buildings and grounds, and perform the duties of Cashier-Disposal Site on a rotational basis, as needed. This classification is distinguished from Cashier-Disposal Site by the former's responsibility for building and ground maintenance and working in the recycling and diversion areas. This classification is distinguished from the classification of Heavy Equipment Operator in that the latter classification operates heavy equipment as the primary task.

Typical Tasks

  • Perform building and ground maintenance, including litter pickup, brush and weed cutting, minor building repair, cleaning drainage ditches, maintaining public access roads, moving wind screens and repairing fences and other site facilities;
  • Operate tanker trucks, backhoes, loaders, scrapers, bulldozers, compactors and other heavy equipment as directed;
  • Perform routine maintenance and minor repairs on small gas-powered tools, pumps and equipment;
  • Install and monitor methane systems and make adjustments
  • Work at diversion area loading items such as mattresses, tires, carpeting, tv’s and monitors and separating recyclable materials into individual categories.
  • Direct traffic and assist customers in the recycling area;
  • Clean-up recycling area;
  • Provide direction and instruction to customers wishing to recycle at the County landfill;
  • Inspect trucks and vehicles hauling refuse to determine type, weight and volume of material;

  • Compute and collect fees;
  • Operate cash register and issue receipts;
  • Total daily fee receipts and refuse amounts;
  • Prepare bank deposits; and,
  • Provide information and direction to the public regarding proper dumping, recycling materials and restricted hazardous materials.

Employment Standards



  Working knowledge of:

  • The use of building repair and ground maintenance hand tools and related equipment.

  Some knowledge of:

  • Basic recordkeeping or cashiering and basic arithmetic.
  • The routine maintenance and operation of trucks and other light equipment.
  • Vehicle and heavy equipment safety practices.

Ability to:

  • Perform heavy physical labor which involves frequent bending, pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying, such as lifting sacks of mulch, stacking hay bales, loading equipment tires into semi-trailers, shoveling, placing items on sorting lines, and pulling self onto equipment.
  • Perform minor building repair and maintenance, such as painting, cleaning rain gutters and replacing doors.
  • Operate a cash register or other computing equipment.
  • Make simple arithmetic calculations.
  • Accurately and consistently identify refuse loads and calculate fees.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others.
  • Learn to operate heavy equipment used at landfill sites.
  • Learn to maintain and regulate pumps.
  • Lift items weighing up to 75 pounds.
  • Walk for up to eight hours while performing tasks such as picking up litter.
  • Hear and distinguish various sounds, such as voices of co-workers in noisy environments and the sound of operating equipment.
  • Distinguish colors, such as color-coded medical waste bags.
  • Follow oral and written instructions.
  • Organize assigned tasks and work independently.
  • Act in a courteous and diplomatic manner with members of the public.

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledges and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledges and abilities would be:

One year of experience which has included maintenance of buildings or grounds.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

License Requirement: Upon hire, possession of a valid California class C driver license; Possession of a valid class B driver license, with Tank Endorsement within six months of hire.

Other Special Requirements: Alcohol and drug tests will be administered to all candidates prior to final selection for positions requiring class A or B driver licenses upon entry and to employees in positions requiring these licenses, as mandated by Department of Transportation federal regulations. In addition, all candidates must provide specific employment history for up to the past ten years for all jobs they have held which required operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Incumbents are required to work weekends and holidays. Physically and mentally capable of performing the essential functions as summarized in the typical tasks section of this job description.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to variable temperatures and weather conditions; confined spaces; heights, such as on fences and equipment; high levels of noise; strong, unpleasant odors; infections which might cause chronic disease or death; dust and silica dust; allergenics, such as stinging insects and poison oak; vibration, such as when operating heavy equipment; and the possibility of experiencing burns, bodily injury, exposure to non-ionizing radiation, and contact with toxic substances or chemical irritants.


PREVIOUS CLASS TITLES: Senior Disposal Site Worker
Bargaining Unit: 43
EEOC Job Category: 07
Occupational Grouping: 41
Workers' Compensation Code: 0399

CLASS: MW6; EST: 11/1/1988; REV: 3/1/2006;