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$40.97-$54.69 hourly / $7,101.00-$9,479.00 monthly / $85,217.60-$113,755.20 yearly


Under direction, to plan, organize, coordinate, manage, review, and evaluate a Department of Public Works program; and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Positions in this class are typically responsible for managing a specialized Department of Public Works program.  Incumbents manage, develop, monitor, and evaluate the program activities.  . This class is distinguished from the higher class of Senior Civil Engineer by the more technical nature of the program for which they are responsible.

Typical Tasks

All Assignments:

Plans, directs, reviews, and coordinates a specific Department of Public Works program: prepares budget materials for assigned program services; reviews legislation in assigned program areas and makes recommendations; develops performance standards and evaluates staff and programs; provides consultation and assistance to department staff, and makes decisions on difficult operational problems; keeps superiors informed of activities and unusual problems; develops and implements systems to monitor the quality and outcome of services; may consult with State experts on the most difficult and complex issues; maintains positive public relations with State and community agencies; keeps informed on current research, trends and issues affecting assigned program; develops and maintains standards; interprets agency policies, programs and procedures to department staff; coordinates activities with staff; assures that records systems are accurately maintained; participates in various committees; prepares written and oral reports, and monitors and oversees the preparation of complex reports and records; provides liaison with other agencies and organizations; may input, access and analyze data using a computer; may provide vacation or other temporary relief for other supervisors or managers; attends meetings and conferences.

Some positions supervise, train and evaluate the work of professional, maintenance, operational, and/or clerical support staff.

Additional tasks performed by the Public Works Safety Officer assignment: 

Plan, develop, and implement Public Works safety programs and procedures and ongoing safety training of Public Works staff; oversee Cal/OSHA compliance; recommend safety equipment, ergonomic workstations, and safety workshops; perform accident investigation/prevention; maintain hazardous materials manifests permits; chair Public Works Accident Review Council; review and maintain DMV pull notices on Public Works drivers; chair Public Works Safety Committee and resolve problems identified; maintain medical reports for DMV physicals; attend meetings and conferences; prepare reports and correspondence; input access and analyze data using a computer terminal; and coordinate and implement the Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Program with County Personnel Department.

Additional tasks performed by the Drainage assignment:

Plans, coordinates,  and manages  the County drainage Districts operation and maintenance program including protection of the river and creek levee systems, minor construction projects repair; develops the drainage long-range work plan; estimates labor, equipment and materials requirement, prepares and monitors the budget; handles complaints from the public; inspects drainage districts to determine required maintenance and repair, analyzes drainage problems, makes field sketches and confers with engineering staff on maintenance and repair projects; evaluates section  operations and develops new techniques and procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness; responds during storms and to other emergencies; develops flood procedures and coordinates staff with other agencies during flood emergencies; represents the section to State agencies, other County departments, local governmental agencies and districts; coordinates activities with the Army Corps of Engineers, the State Department of Fish and Game and adjacent flood control and drainage districts; keeps current in operation, construction and maintenance techniques and laws applicable to drainage operations; attends meetings and conferences; prepares reports and correspondence; inputs, accesses, and analyzes data using a computer terminal.

Employment Standards


  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of Department of Public Works program administration;
  • Thorough knowledge of current Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations relating to the specific program assignment.
  • Working knowledge of resources available for the assigned program;
  • Working knowledge of program management, including funding sources, program evaluation, budget and fiscal management;
  • Some knowledge of the principles of supervision and training;
  • Some knowledge of the principles of public relations;
  • Some knowledge of computers.
Ability to:

  • Plan, organize, coordinate and direct a Department of Public Works program and related support services;
  • Train, supervise and evaluate the work of subordinate staff;
  • Understand, interpret, explain and apply laws, rules and regulations;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others;
  • Prepare and monitor a budget, develop policies and procedures and evaluate program effectiveness;
  • Prepare and present clear and concise reports and correspondence;
  • Learn to input, access and analyze data using a computer terminal.
Additional abilities required for Drainage Assignment:

Understand and interpret engineering construction plans and specifications;

Education and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be: ·        

  • Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a management field such as public or business administration.


  • One year of experience in a program area related to which the position is assigned.


  • Four years of progressively responsible experience which would provide the knowledge and abilities listed above.


Previous Class Title:  Public Works Manager – Drainage
Benefit Status:  11
EEOC Job Category:  07
Occupational Grouping:  41
Workers’ Comp Code:  1160

CLASS: MV7; EST: 1/1/1988; REV: 4/1/2008;