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$33.96-$42.94 hourly / $5,886.00-$7,443.00 monthly / $70,636.80-$89,315.20 yearly



Under direction, to install, repair and maintain a variety of building electronic systems and related mechanical equipment; perform a variety of other semiskilled building maintenance, carpentry, painting, mechanical and electric work; and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics


This position class is assigned work at the journey-level to install, repair and maintain a variety of building electronic systems and related mechanical equipment at County facilities, including detention sites. This position will work with other building specialties performing semiskilled carpentry, painting, mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair. Maintenance Electronic/Mechanical Worker is distinguished from the Building Maintenance Worker Series in that specialized knowledge is required to perform electro-mechanical work. This position may work irregular hours and may be assigned on-call duty.

Typical Tasks


Installs, maintains, and repairs building electronic systems and related mechanical equipment such as alarms, locks, door closures, cameras, electronic panel boards, controls and communication equipment; maintains County-wide facilities' fire alarm systems and electronic smoke sensing devices; estimates costs and materials required for repairs; reads and interprets blueprints, schematic diagrams and sketches to perform installation, maintenance and repairs; maintains records of work performed and prepares reports; climbs ladders; assists in installing panel boards; installs switch boxes, pull boxes and other related devices; measures, cuts threads, bends, assembles and installs conduits and other kinds of electrical conductor enclosures, which connect panels, boxes outlets and other devices; trains and oversees workers assigned to assist on maintenance electronic projects; works with other building maintenance workers to perform routine maintenance on mechanical equipment; minor electrical work such as replacing switches, sockets, wall plugs, floor receptacles, lighting fixtures, fuses and breakers; repair of ceilings and walls; repair of plumbing systems; replacement of broken fixtures and windows; paints interiors.

Employment Standards


Thorough knowledge of:

  • The principles and practices of installing, maintaining and repairing building electronic systems and related mechanical equipment;
  • The tools and equipment used in installing, maintaining and repairing facilities' electronic systems and related mechanical equipment;

Working knowledge of:

  • The basic methods, materials and tools used in the building maintenance trade.

Ability to:

  • Install, repair and maintain a variety of building electronic systems and related mechanical equipment;
  • Trace and identify causes of electronic failures or malfunctions and restore to approved operating standards;
  • Read, interpret and work from blueprints, schematic diagrams, plans and specifications;
  • Maintain accurate records of work performed and prepare reports;
  • Determine work methods and types of materials to be used;
  • Maintain a safe working environment as needed;
  • Work in an aerial lift as needed;
  • Train and oversee workers assigned to assist;
  • Estimate materials and costs of building electronic installations and repairs;
  • Perform a wide variety of semi-skilled tasks connected with repair and maintenance of buildings and fixtures.

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience which would provide the knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. Typical ways to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

Five years full-time, or its equivalent, of progressively responsible experience in commercial or industrial electronic maintenance work and one year of experience performing duties comparable to those of a Building Maintenance Worker II in Santa Cruz County.


  • Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License. Note: Candidates with an out of state license may apply and go through recruitment and examination process, however verification of California License must be provided at time of appointment.
  • Fingerprinting and a background investigation prior to appointment.
  • Upon appointment, obtain and maintain jail security clearance from the Sheriff's Department.
  • Special Working Conditions: Exposure to: variable temperatures and weather conditions; cramped work spaces; heights, such as on equipment and ladders; high levels of noise, strong, unpleasant odors; vibration; dust; potentially hostile or violent individuals; electric hazards; allergens, such as poison oak and stinging insects; the possibility of experiencing burns, bodily injury, and contact with toxic substances and chemical irritants; working alone in isolated areas; working around prisoners; and, possible exposure to needles or blood which could possibly result in chronic disease or death.


Bargaining Unit: 41

EEOC Job Category: 07

Occupational Grouping: 36

Worker's Comp Code: 1160

CLASS: MG3; EST: 12/1/1988; REV: 7/1/2017;