Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$30.92-$39.13 hourly / $5,359.00-$6,782.00 monthly / $64,313.60-$81,390.40 yearly


Under general supervision, provide paralegal services; assist attorneys preparing civil or criminal cases; perform legal research; and perform other duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class is responsible for performing legal research and assignments requiring a professional understanding of law and legal procedure. This class is distinguished from the Law Clerk class in that incumbents in the later class are law school students or Bar applicants and work on a nonpermanent, part-time basis.

Typical Tasks

Research and analyze statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, ordinances and other documents; prepare legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, appeals, motions, contracts, deeds, points and authorities, interrogatories, and drafts of legal opinions for review, approval and use by attorneys; investigate facts and research laws to determine causes of action and prepare cases accordingly; may file pleadings and other documents with court clerks; interview witnesses in civil and criminal cases; assist in scheduling witnesses in legal proceedings; organize trial documents, prepare exhibits and assist attorneys at trial; may arrange support services for clients and/or their families; assist investigators in gathering information; analyze legislation and statutory and case law; draft correspondence for attorneys; write reports; collect and analyze data needed for legal or administrative matters; input, access and analyze data using a computer; maintain law library and "auto brief" library; maintain training materials; may sign legal pleadings and may conduct hearings and trials in infraction and misdemeanor cases, under the direction of a supervising attorney in accordance with California State Bar rules.

Employment Standards

Knowledge of:

Working knowledge of:

  • Legal procedure, terminology and documents.
  • Methods of legal research.

Some knowledge of:

  • Automated legal research systems.

Ability to:

  • Research, analyze and apply legal principles, facts, evidence and precedents to legal problems.
  • Present statements of law and fact clearly, accurately and logically in written and oral form.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Conduct investigative research.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with staff members, depart mental representatives and the public.
  • Learn to input, access and analyze data using a computer.
  • Conduct legal research utilizing automated research systems.

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Successful completion of a paralegal curriculum approved by the American Bar Association or successful completion of the first year of law school training in an accredited law school.

Background Investigation: Positions in the District Attorney's Office must have the ability to pass a full background investigation, including a fingerprint check.

Other Special Conditions: Incumbents may be Certified Law Students while in this job classification as allowed by the California State Bar Association provisions. Sworn attorneys may not act in this capacity and must be in an attorney class to act in court.


Bargaining Unit: 41
EEOC Job Category: 05
Occupational Grouping: 06
Workers' Comp Code: 0053
Analyst:  CE 

CLASS: JC2; EST: 8/1/1987; REV: 9/1/2015;