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$76.13-$102.06 hourly / $13,196.00-$17,690.00 monthly / $158,350.40-$212,284.80 yearly


Subject to legislative and administrative determination of policy, to plan, organize and direct the administration of the Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services Department which includes parks acquisition, development and maintenance, and cultural, recreation and parks operations and programs; and to perform other duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This single position class serves as the department head for the Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services Department. The incumbent is responsible for the overall administration and management of departmental personnel, the departmental budget, program activities and facilities operations, and for coordinating community and commission/advisory body participation in establishing departmental programs and activities. Work is performed with a maximum amount of independence within established policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer. This position reports to the County Administrative Officer.

Typical Tasks

Plans, organizes and directs through subordinate supervisors the work of staff engaged in the development and administration of varied cultural and recreational activities, construction, maintenance and operation of parks and recreational areas and facilities, administration of contracts for the development and operation of park facilities and services, and maintenance of grounds around County buildings; evaluates the effectiveness of existing operations; analyzes the need for park and recreation and cultural programs; develops standards and policies for the acquisition and operation of parks and recreation areas and programs; develops plans for the organization, direction and improvement of departmental services; establishes objectives and timetables for major work phases and projects; develops and adopts work methods to suit changing needs; prepares proposed departmental budget; consults and coordinates with other departments and agencies and with community groups concerning parks planning, development and operation, coordination of recreational and cultural programs, joint use of property, and the design and construction of facilities; advises and cooperates with advisory bodies, public officials, citizen groups, and personnel from other departments concerned with departmental programs and represents the department at meetings and conferences; coordinates staff support for advisory bodies; appears before advisory bodies and Board of Supervisors to present materials and provide information related to departmental activities; plans and directs the preparation of applications for grants; recommends policy on the usage of facilities, such as fee schedules, scheduling of user activities and regulations; determines availability of park sites and recommends means of financing programs, acquisition and development; manages complex departmental budget; selects, assigns, trains, directs and evaluates performance of subordinate supervisors; prepares reports and correspondence.

Employment Standards

Knowledge of:

Thorough knowledge of:

  • Principles and effective practices of administration and organizational management.
  • Principles and practices of budgeting and finance.

Working knowledge of:

  • Parks, recreation, cultural services and/or a substantially related field. Principles of personnel management.
  • Principles and practices of governmental budgeting and finance as they affect an operating department.
  • County government organization and operation and interrelationships between governments and the community.
  • Planning and land use requirements as they relate to parks development and operations.

Some knowledge of:

  • Fundamental legal relationships between owner, consultant, contractor and subcontractor.
  • Pertinent federal and state grant programs.

Ability to:

  • Plan, organize and direct work of staff engaged in diverse technical and administrative programs and activities.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, public officials, staff, personnel from other department and agencies, advisory commissions and committees, and community groups.
  • Exercise initiative, ingenuity and sound judgment in solving difficult administrative, technical and personnel problems.
  • Evaluate departmental policy and program practices, define problem areas, develop and direct the implementation of policy decisions and practices to improve departmental operations.
  • Understand and relate to others the aims, concepts, principles and practices of park, cultural and recreational activities.
  • Coordinate departmental activities with other departments and agencies.
  • Speak effectively before large groups.
  • Prepare and present clear and concise administrative and technical reports.

Education and Experience: Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Three years of professional management experience in parks, recreation, cultural services or a closely related field, which included high level budget and finance experience.


 License Requirement: Possession of a California class C driver license or the ability to provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.

Background Investigation: Fingerprinting is required.

Special Working Conditions: Possible exposure to: variable weather conditions; allergens such as poison oak, pollen, and bee stings; infections; toxic substances or chemical irritants.

Other Special Requirements: Availability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends as needed.



Bargaining Unit: Executive Management

EEOC Job Category: 01

Occupational Grouping: 30

Workers' Comp Code: 0053

CLASS: GV9; EST: 9/1/1983; REV: 9/1/2014;