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$27.70-$35.03 hourly / $4,801.00-$6,072.00 monthly / $57,616.00-$72,862.40 yearly


Under direction, to supervise the work of custodians engaged in the care, cleaning, and security of County buildings; and perform other duties as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This class acts as a first line supervisor providing day-to-day supervision over custodians and subordinate lead worker positions. Positions in this class spend a majority of time planning, scheduling, evaluating, and inspecting the work of subordinate staff. As a secondary assignment, positions in this class may perform regular custodial duties. This class differs from the next higher class of Building Maintenance Superintendent, which is responsible for supervising the Custodial Services, Building Maintenance, and the Building Equipment divisions of the General Services Department.

Typical Tasks

Plan, schedule, coordinate and supervise the work of custodial personnel; participate in the selection, or select staff; provide orientation to new employees; develop and conduct training sessions, including handling toxic materials, cleaning techniques, aseptic procedures and infection control as related to custodial tasks; inspect work performed; instruct lead workers and custodians to correct deficiencies in custodial work; report results of inspections and unusual problems to supervisor; evaluate employees including issuing warnings and recommending disciplinary actions; assign work shifts; plan work assignments including setting priorities and determining efficient task organization of staff; contact extra-help employees to fill in on a relief basis; conduct meetings with staff to discuss problems and procedures and give special instructions; maintain records of work completed, attendance records and supply inventory; prepare supply orders and maintenance work orders; pick up, deliver and issue supplies; coordinate schedule, and implement moves within county departments; maintain meeting calendars and ensure that rooms are set up according to the reservation request; maintain records of monies from dispensing machines; attend meetings; assist in developing work standards for cleaning operations; assist in long-range work load planning and scheduling; assist in determining budgetary and personnel needs; maintain and make minor repairs to cleaning equipment and furniture; perform custodial duties as required; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for other classes as required; may be responsible for opening and closing buildings.

Employment Standards

Knowledge of:

Thorough knowledge of:

  • The methods, materials and equipment used in cleaning and caring for floors, walls, fixtures and furniture.

Working knowledge of:

  • The principles of supervision and training.
  • Safety practices and of handling toxic materials as applied to custodial work.
  • Aseptic procedures and infection control as related to custodial services may be required for some positions.

Ability to:

  • Supervise and coordinate the work of custodial staff.
  • Devise and adopt work procedures to changing needs.
  • Inspect custodial work and determine whether standards of aseptic cleanliness and attractiveness are being met.
  • Understand, interpret and apply rules and written and oral directions to specific situations.
  • Determine work priorities.
  • Prepare messages, instructions, procedures and reports.
  • Maintain accurate records.
  • Read and interpret written reports and directions.
  • Interact effectively with others.
  • Make simple arithmetic calculations.
  • Perform heavy manual labor which includes moving furniture, custodial equipment, and lifting items such as garbage cans and five gallon containers of wax which weigh up to 75 pounds.
  • Perform tasks, which require manual dexterity such as repairing cleaning equipment.
  • Perform tasks, which require coordination and balance such as washing windows while standing on ledges, changing light bulbs while standing on a ladder, and using floor buffers.
  • Distinguish colors to determine containment of toxic waste products.
  • Distinguish sounds such as warning signals over the sounds of machinery.

Education and Experience: Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

One year of experience performing duties equivalent to a Custodian Lead worker, or one year of custodial experience and one year of lead work or supervisory experience.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

License Requirements: Possession of a valid California class C driver license may be required for some positions.

Background Investigation: Fingerprinting is required.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to: variable temperatures; confined work spaces; heights, such as on ladders; strong and unpleasant odors and fumes; noise; disturbing situations such as cleaning the morgue after an autopsy for some positions; the possibility of exposure to infections which might cause chronic disease or death; and the possibility of exposure to toxic substances or chemical irritants.

Other Special Requirements: Availability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, holidays, and for emergencies, as needed.


Bargaining Unit: 41
EEOC Job Category: 08
Occupational Grouping: 26 Workers' Comp Code: 1160
Analyst:  JS

CLASS: FD8; EST: 9/1/1977; REV: 6/1/1994;