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We are currently accepting applications from REGULAR Santa Cruz County EMPLOYEES ONLY for this position. To apply, please close this pop-up window and then click on the link for Internal Santa Cruz County Jobs.$51.46-$68.73 hourly / $8,920.00-$11,913.00 monthly / $107,036.80-$142,958.40 yearly

Apply as a Transfer/Demotion applicant

$51.46-$68.73 hourly / $8,920.00-$11,913.00 monthly / $107,036.80-$142,958.40 yearly


Under general direction, to assist the Assessor in the administration, management, policy and program planning of one of two major divisions in the department; to act as the Assessor in the absence of the Assessor; and to do other work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Positions in this class manage either the Valuation or Administrative Division of the Assessor's Office. The incumbent assigned to the Valuation Division manages the activities of the staff involved in the functions of real, personal, and business property valuation required in the preparation of the local assessment roll. The incumbent assigned to the Administrative Division manages all non-valuation functions required for the preparation of the local assessment roll, all departmental administrative functions, the assessment standards program, management information systems and fiscal support services.

Typical Tasks

Assists the Assessor in the direction of the Administrative or Valuation Division of the Assessor's Office; directs and coordinates the activities of subordinate staff; develops and implements short and long range division goals and objectives; develops and implements operational changes to maintain the highest assessment and valuation standards throughout the governmental assessment profession; interprets, analyzes and implements laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to assessment and valuation procedures; evaluates and implements division policies and procedures; directs the selection, training, placement and evaluation of division personnel; reviews work programs, productivity and performance standards for the division; researches and analyzes data; prepares reports; represents the Assessor's Office before the courts and other governmental agencies; makes public presentations related to the functions and duties of the Assessor's Office. 

Valuation: In addition to the above, the incumbent may perform or assist in the performance of the most difficult appraisals; confers with subordinates concerning the valuation methods and techniques of assessment; represents the Assessor's Office before the Assessment Appeals Board, and the statewide Valuation Chiefs' Organization of the California Assessors' Association. 

Administration: In addition to the above, the incumbent handles difficult personnel problems; directs and coordinates budget preparation for the department; prepares analysis and reports to justify the proposed budget; oversees budget control and projections; analyzes automation and record keeping systems needs; oversees Assessor and Information Services staff for the planning, coordination and implementation of new systems; and directs business activities with regard to sales of Assessor data and information.

Employment Standards


Thorough knowledge of: 

  • The laws, decisions and legal opinions affecting functions and operations of the Assessor's Office.
  • The principles of personnel management, including supervision, selection, evaluation and training. 

For Chief Deputy Assessor - Administration:

  • County budget procedures.

For Chief Deputy Assessor - Valuation: 

  • The principles and practices involved in the assessment of real and personal property. 

Working knowledge of:

  • The principles and practices involved in the assessment of real and personal property.
  • Local government organization and operations.
  • The interrelationships between County government and the community, and other agencies.
  • County budget procedures.

Ability to:

  • Effectively plan, direct, coordinate and administer a division of a department, through subordinate staff.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, other departments, governmental agencies, boards, commissions, public officials, and community groups.
  • Interpret, evaluate and implement departmental policy and program practices.
  • Exercise initiative, ingenuity, and good judgment in analyzing and solving complex and difficult administrative, managerial and technical problems.
  • Develop and implement short and long range departmental goals and objectives.
  • Comprehend and interpret complex regulations, laws and guidelines.
  • Prepare and present concise and logical oral and written reports.
  • Explain policy, procedures and recommendations to staff, other departments, public officials, and the general public.

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these would be:

  • Four years of professional level experience in a California County Assessor's Office, two years of which must have included the supervision of a major assessment function.


Possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver's License, or pro vide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority. The Chief Deputy Assessor – Valuation must possess a valid Appraiser's Certificate issued by the California State Board of Equalization.


PREVIOUS CLASS TITLES: Division Director – Valuation/Administration
Bargaining Unit: 11
EEOC Job Category: 01
Occupational Grouping: 20
Worker's Comp Code: 0053
Analyst: PH
Revised Date(s): 5/91, 6/98

CLASS: DB4; EST: 11/1/1981; REV: 12/3/2003;
CLASS: DB5; EST: 11/1/1981; REV: 12/3/2003;