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The fundamental idea behind Sage has never changed: We design and manufacture innovative interiors that complete the automotive experience. Sage Automotive Interiors is a company of lifelong learners motivated by meaningful work. At a global company focusing for sustainability, there is always work to do, space to learn and opportunity to mobilize your career in any direction.

Potential employment opportunities exist for our Sharon facility in Abbeville:

Senior Operator Quality Facilitator

Starting Wage Range: $22.32 - $26.99

Job Summary: Responsible for training, quality audits and reviewing seconds. Provides technical expertise in each area to enhance production, quality and to reduce cost. Each associate is responsible for their own safety. 12 hour shifts.

Machines, tool, and equipment used:
Tugger, Lift truck, Squeegee, Scissors, Ratchet, Screwdriver, Telephone, Sewing machine, Stapler, Hole puncher and Computer/Keyboard.

Materials Used:
Pen, Pencil, Paper, Tape, Broom, and Computer.

Job Requirements:
Must be 18 years old, Ability to read & write, Comprehend written & verbal instructions, Good organizational skills, Ability to perform various computer operations, Ability to prioritize tasks, Ability to work in a team environment, Basic math skills, Basic mechanical skills, Good visual perception, Good interpersonal relationship skills, Ability to operate a tugger and forklift and have the ability to use hand tools. Required to make a log of activities.
Education Requirements:
1 years beyond High School Education/Training – Preferred
Other Requirements:
Must submit to & pass a drug screen. Must comply with all company rules, including but not limited to: safety, attendance & other job specifications, and have reliable transportation.

Physical Requirements:
Standing– Must be able to stand for 3 hours consecutively. Approximately 80% of the day is spent standing.
Sitting – Must be able to attend meetings. Approximately 5% of the day is spent sitting.
Moving –Must be able to move throughout the facility. Approximately 75 % of the day is spent moving.
Climbing –Must be able to climb up and down steps of stairs and step over machinery 20” high. Approximately 5% of the day is spent climbing.
Lifting – Must be able to lift weights up to 50 lbs. Any weight over 50 lbs for men and 25 lbs. for females must require assistance. Approximately 20% of the day is spent lifting 
Pushing/Pulling – Must be able to move rolls of fabric onto scales, move boxes of fabric, and opening doors to enter and exit the various locations in the plant. Approximately 10% of the day is spent Pushing/Pulling.
Reaching – Must be able to reach a maximum distance of 30 inches. While reaching must sometimes lean over fabric and other items to guide rolls, adjust valves and operate controls. Approximately 10% of the day is spent reaching.
Visual Acuity – Must be correctable to 20/40 and have good peripheral vision.  Must have the ability to read merge/ set / style numbers on beams, threading board and computers. Must have the ability to read spec/cut cards and computer screens.
Bending/Stooping – Must be able to bend to pick up items off the floor, adjust valves and lift items.  Approximately 10% of the day is spent bending/stooping.
Other – Must be able to hear for person to person communication, emergency alarms, machine, and telephone. Also must comply with company rules, including but not limited to safety, attendance, and job specifications.
Safety Equipment Required – Steel toed shoes, face shield, gloves, safety glasses, face shield, goggles, LTCT tags and hearing protection as required. 

This form reflects the general details considered necessary to describe the essential function of the job identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all of the work requirements that may be inherent in the job.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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