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Human Resources Analyst - II

(Leave/Disability Management)

Recruitment #2021-14762-01


Under the direction of the Senior Human Resource Analyst, the Human Resource Analyst II provides journey-level program planning and administration to the leaves of absence, disability management, and retirement unit within the Human Resource Department. This position is distinguished from other human resources positions by its responsibility and special attention in managing and administering leaves of absence and/or disability management as it relates to employees county-wide and is responsible for the following:

  • Researches, analyzes, and interprets applicable laws, programs, and regulations (including FMLA, ADA, CFRA, FEHA, and state and local leave laws) relative to assigned area of responsibility and makes recommendations based on findings.
  • Administers leave of absence and disability management activities.
  • Provides information and advice to department heads, managers, supervisors, and employees on leaves of absence and disability management-related matters. Facilitates and participates in the reasonable accommodation interactive process in accordance with related laws and regulations.
  • Develops, maintains, and disseminates policies and procedures consistent with legal requirements.
  • Drafts and/or recommends revisions to County leave policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • May develop and conduct training for managers.
  • Plans and coordinates one-on-one retirement (including service, disability, and industrial disability retirement) information meetings and may conduct Planning Your Retirement seminars.
  • Maintains records and prepares reports using automated software systems and/or other electronic and manual means.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with departments to facilitate awareness of regulatory compliance issues and proactively address potential problems.
  • Maintains knowledge of all applicable leave and accommodation laws including the FMLA, ADA, and state and local laws and research changing trends in case law.

The ideal candidate demonstrates journey level experience in analyzing and interpreting policies, practices, procedures, and relevant regulations; conducts research, analyzes information and data, and presents findings in a concise format; demonstrates the ability to communicate sensitive and complex information while maintaining confidentiality; and demonstrates confidence to speak in public with proven ability to resolve conflict and mediate difficult situations and the ability to communicate effectively through oral and written mediums.


Placer County offers a comprehensive benefits package to employees. The following information represents benefits currently available to permanent Placer County employees and may be subject to change. Applicants should inquire as to the most current benefit package during hiring interviews or by contacting the Human Resources Department. Click here to view Management benefits.

For more information regarding the benefits Placer County has to offer please visit Placer County's Human Resources website.


To perform a variety of professional level human resources duties in the areas of civil service administration, employee relations, classification, recruitment and selection, performance management and discipline, equal employment opportunity, human resource strategies, salary and benefits administration, and leave and disability administration; to assist in the development and maintenance of  County human resources programs; and to participate as a positive and effective team member.


This is the full journey level class within the Human Resources Analyst series.  This class is distinguished from the Human Resources Analyst I by the assignment of the full range of duties.  Employees at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit.  Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the entry level.  

This class is distinguished from the Senior Human Resources Analyst in that the latter has over-all responsibility for assigned departmental support teams, performs highly complex and difficult human resources analytical duties, and exercises direct supervision over subordinate professional staff.


Receives direction from the Director of Human Resources or his/her designee and may receive technical and functional supervision from higher level professional staff.

Exercises direct supervision over technical and clerical staff.

May exercise technical and functional supervision over professional staff members.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Participate as a positive and cooperative team member providing a broad based and professional human resources support and services to assigned departments  in the areas of civil service administration, employee relations, classification, recruitment and selection, salary and benefits administration, equal employment opportunity,  performance management and discipline, human resource strategies, and leave and disability administration.
  • Assist assigned departments in determining the most effective organizational structure and staffing patterns using current classifications or developing new ones as appropriate.
  • Research, compile, analyze and evaluate general and statistical information regarding selection procedures, recruitment methods, equal employment, classification, compensation, benefits administration and other human resources practices and procedures.
  • Prepare a variety of periodic and special reports; collect data, research topics, and gather information in the completion of studies and make recommendations based on studies regarding human resources policies and procedures.
  • Recommend and assist in the implementation of goals and objectives for areas of assigned program and team responsibilities; establish schedules and methods for achieving assigned work objectives; implement policies and procedures within program areas.
  • Monitor and evaluate operations and activities of assigned program responsibilities; recommend improvements and modifications; manage or oversee special projects; prepare various reports on operations and activities.
  • Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise and review the work of technical and clerical staff; participate in the selection of staff; provide or coordinate staff training; conduct performance evaluations; recommend discipline; implement discipline procedures as directed.
  • Assist and participate in the Human Resources Department’s budget preparation and administration; prepare cost estimates for budget recommendations; develop and submit justifications for staff, supplies, and equipment; monitor and control expenditures.
  • Plan and conduct recruitment and outreach activities; analyze staffing requirements, market trends, and applicant sources; develop outreach, publicity and advertising campaigns.
  • Develop and validate examinations; construct test items in accordance with recognized psychometric principles and state/federal regulations; evaluate applicant protests and appeals and prepare responses; explain examination methods and results to the Civil Service Commission, departments, applicants, and the general public.
  • Interpret and evaluate results of statistical tests and use outcomes to drive improvement of assessments (i.e., test response patterns, item difficulty, item-total correlation, test reliability, and test validity), to set passing/cutoff scores, and to evaluate adverse impact resulting from the use of selection instruments or systems.
  • Participate in maintaining the County classification plan; conduct job analyses and position reviews; develop and/or revise classification specifications; prepare and present classification/reclassification recommendations for Civil Service Commission consideration.
  • Conduct salary surveys and labor market analyses; identify possible compaction issues and internal/external salary alignment; make recommendations regarding salary placement and adjustments for consideration by the union and/or Board of Supervisors as needed.
  • Act as a first line resource regarding County’s employment opportunities and Civil Service procedures; support, coordinate, and enforce equal employment programs within assigned departments; may participate in  investigations of discrimination and harassment complaints; may participate in compliance enforcement activities for assigned departments under the direction and leadership of higher level staff members.
  • Advise assigned departments regarding grievance and/or disciplinary actions; gather and assemble information to prepare disciplinary documents; provide advice and guidance to departments in the interpretation and application of ordinances, memoranda of understanding, personnel regulations and codes, policies and procedures, case law, and related legislationas they relate to assigned  program areas; reviews and approves human resources related transactions.
  • Assist training and organizational development staff in presenting employee training, updating class course materials or orientation programs and providing professional support to departments regarding employee development.
  • Oversee the preparation of payroll documents and data input into the Countywide payroll system; track position history and reconcile department vacancies and funded positions.
  • Assist in planning, coordinating and administering the County's life, health, dental, and other employee benefit and/or deferred compensation programs; advise department management regarding problems and policies involving employee group programs.
  • Assist in the development, interpretation, monitoring, and maintenance of group coverages to maximize the stability of employee insurance, benefit and/or deferred compensation programs; coordinate and participate in annual open enrollment activities.
  • Review and analyze legislative bills and regulatory requirements to determine impact to County human resources programs and services; analyze, interpret, and enforce applicable laws, codes, policies, and regulations; respond to questions or requests for assistance from staff, departments, and the general public.
  • Assist in the development and recommendation of strategies to ensure County compliance with changing laws governing employee benefits and/or deferred compensation, including discrimination testing, dependent care reimbursement, Medical Reimbursement Program, Health Savings Accounts, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, the Cafeteria Plan, and Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory requirements.
  • Determine employee eligibility for health, dental, vision, and/or life insurance plans, retirement programs, and deferred compensation; research and analyze new, existing, and proposed programs for County employees to identify the most appropriate programs or necessary changes in existing programs.
  • Keep abreast and provide information regarding retirement related benefits; respond to questions from members and retirees; manage the processing of service retirement and disability retirement applications, death benefits, separation benefits, and purchasable service requests.
  • Assist in the coordination of the countywide disability/leave management and return to work program; ensure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal leave management programs; provide technical assistance to managers, employees, and employee representative groups; facilitate reasonable accommodation interactive meetings.
  • Represent the County in the resolution of unemployment insurance claims, including claims administration and response preparation for the State Employment Development Department.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other County employees and managers, and the community utilizing accepted principles of effective customer service.
  • Maintain awareness of and participation in external professional environment and resources to ensure the highest level of professional standards are applied to service delivery within the County’s Human Resources Department.
  • Represent the County’s Human Resources Department to the public as well as County employees and managers in a positive and productive manner; prepare and present recommendations to boards and commissions.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


It is the responsibility of applicants to identify in their application materials how they meet the minimum qualifications listed below.

Any combination of experience and training that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.  A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities would be:

Experience: Two years of increasingly responsible professional human resources administration experience similar to the duties performed by Placer County’s Human Resources Analyst I.

Training: Equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in business or public administration, human resources administration, behavioral science or a related field.

NOTE: Relevant, equivalent experience (performing the same or similar job requiring similar knowledge, skills, and abilities) may be substituted for the required education as determined by the Human Resources Department.

NOTE: Applicants receiving their degree outside the United States must submit proof of accreditation by a recognized evaluation agency.

License or Certificate: May need to possess a valid driver's license as required by the position.  Proof of adequate vehicle insurance and medical clearance may also be required.


Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of  human resources administration and principles of organization and management. Principles and practices of motivation, team building and conflict resolution.
  • Modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment.
  • Computer software, applications, and systems, including word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications, human resources information systems (HRIS) and online applicant tracking systems.
  • English usage, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Basic interviewing and counseling techniques.
  • Elementary statistics and their application to human resources. 
  • Civil Service rules, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s), and other policies and procedures related to administration of human resources activities.
  • Principles and methods of position classification, compensation, examination development and administration, performance management, and organizational analysis.
  • Principles and practices of payroll processing, leave management, retirement, and benefits administration.
  • Pertinent local, State, and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Methods of statistical research and presentation. 

Ability to:

  • Apply the principles and practices of  human resources administration.
  • Analyze work papers and complete special projects; identify and interpret technical and numerical information; observe and problem solve operational and technical policies and procedures; and explain Civil Service Commission, County and Human Resources Department policies and procedures to the general public and County staff.
  • On a continuous basis, sit at desk for long periods of time; intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk; walk, stand, bend, squat, kneel, or twist while working at public counter, conducting field job audits, or carrying testing materials or retrieving/returning files from drawers; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone, and write or use a keyboard to communicate through written means or enter/retrieve data from computer; and lift light weight.
  • Read, analyze, interpret, evaluate and summarize written materials and statistical data.
  • Supervise, train and evaluate assigned staff.
  • Learn to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals.
  • Prepare technical written materials and apply statistical formulae.
  • Interpret and apply pertinent local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including Civil Service rules.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Work with various cultural and ethnic groups in a tactful and effective manner.
  • Obtain information through interview process; effectively complete multiple assignments; and deal tactfully and courteously with the public.
  • Analyze situations quickly and objectively to determine proper course of action.
  • Utilize computer software, applications, and systems, including word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications, human resources information systems (HRIS) and online applicant tracking systems. Use modern office equipment including a computer, calculator, telephone, facsimile machine, and photocopy machine.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. 
  • Independently apply the principles and practices of public sector human resources administration as assigned, including civil service, equal employment, and benefits administration.
  • Independently read, analyze, evaluate and summarize written materials and statistical data.
  • Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals.
  • Independently apply and model principles and practices of motivation, team building and conflict resolution.
  • Independently prepare technical written materials and apply statistical formulae.
  • Independently interpret and apply pertinent local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including Civil Service rules, MOU’s, and agency policies.


Training & Experience Rating (100%)

Based upon responses to the supplemental questionnaire, the applicant’s education, training, and experience will be evaluated using a pre-determined formula. Scores from this evaluation will determine applicant ranking and placement on the eligible list.


Length of Probation:
All permanent appointments from open eligible lists to positions in the classified service shall serve a probationary period of twelve (12) calendar months or two thousand eighty (2,080) hours, whichever is more.

Bargaining Unit:


Prior to the date of hire, applicants must undergo a fingerprint test by the Department of Justice, pass a medical examination (which may include a drug screening and possibly a psychological evaluation), sign a constitutional oath, and submit proof of U.S. citizenship or legal right to remain and work in the U.S.  For some positions, applicants may also be required to submit proof of age, undergo a background investigation (which may include a voice stress analysis and/or a polygraph), and/or be bonded. Additionally, positions in law enforcement classifications and those supporting law enforcement functions will be required to complete a conviction history questionnaire prior to or during the interview process. Applicants for positions with access to Medi-Cal billing software or who are licensed providers must clear the Federal Exclusion List, credentialing, and social security verification. Failure to clear these requirements may result in an employment offer being withdrawn.


The eligible list resulting from this recruitment may be certified as a substitute list for a substantially similar classification.  For this purpose, a substantially similar classification is one at a lower level in the same classification (example: entry level vs. journey level) and/or a similar classification (similar work performed, similar training and experience qualifications required). If you are contacted for an interview by a County department, you will be informed of the classification and other relevant information. If you choose not to interview for a substantially similar classification, you will remain on the eligible list for which you originally applied.


Placer County offers an expedited process for qualifying certain applicants for interviews. Candidates currently employed, or employed within the last year, by a public agency operating under a personnel civil service or merit system may be eligible to be placed on a Public Agency Eligible List and certified as eligible for appointment to a similar job assignment without going through the examination process. For more information on the Public Agency Eligible List, to download forms, or to apply, please click here.


Thank you for your interest in employment with Placer County. Placer County is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to an active nondiscrimination program. It is the stated policy of Placer County that harassment, discrimination, and retaliation are prohibited and that all employees, applicants, agents, contractors, and interns/volunteers shall receive equal consideration and treatment. All terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, transfer, and promotion will be based on the qualifications of the individual for the positions being filled regardless of gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, physical disability (including HIV and AIDS), mental disability, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristics/information), age (40 or over), marital status, military and/or veteran status, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local law. Please contact the Human Resources Department at least 5 working days before a scheduled examination if you require accommodation in the examination process. Medical disability verification may be required prior to accommodation.

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