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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Administrative Technician

Supplemental Questionnaire




Minimum Qualifications (Not Scored)

This section will not be scored or used for determining minimum qualifications but is provided to the applicant for informational purposes prior to completing the questionnaire. Applicants are required to demonstrate how they meet the minimum qualifications for this position on their application.



By continuing, you are certifying that all information provided in the supplemental questionnaire is true to the best of your knowledge.


I have read and I understand the above instructions.


Do you possess three years of responsible administrative clerical or technical experience preferably in the subject area to which assigned?

Yes No

Do you possess the equivalent to the completion of 60 units of college level course work, including completion of general education requirements, leading to an Associate of Arts degree?

Yes No


Applicants who reported a "no" response to any of the above questions are encouraged to review the minimum qualifications section of the job posting for this position before proceeding.


Thank you for completing the examination portion of the application process. We encourage applicants to review their answers for accuracy prior to submitting.

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