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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician - Entry

Supplemental Questionnaire


By continuing in this process, you are certifying that all information provided in the supplemental questionnaire is true to the best of your knowledge.



This section of the supplemental questionnaire will not be scored, but may be used by the hiring authority when determining which applicants to invite to hiring interviews. Please answer the questions as clearly, thoroughly, and concisely as possible.


Please indicate which software programs you are proficient with (check all that apply):

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Visio
Clerk/Recorder Software
Elections Software

If you indicated experience with any of the above software programs, please briefly describe below:


Describe a time when you had multiple deadlines, while dealing with constant interruptions. How did you manage to complete your assigned tasks on time?


Describe a time when you had to deal with a stressful situation or work in a high stress work environment. What did you do to remain calm and keep performing?


Describe a time you worked on a team. What did you do to ensure the success of the entire team?


Thank you for completing the supplemental questionnaire portion of the application process. We encourage applicants to review their answers for accuracy prior to submitting.

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