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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Human Resources Analyst - Senior


Supplemental Questionnaire



Part I: Minimum Qualifications (Not Scored)

Your responses to this section of the supplemental questionnaire will not be scored but may be used to assist in determining whether applicants meet minimum and/or preferred qualifications.


Do you possess two years of professional human resources administration experience performing duties similar to a full journey level Human Resources Analyst II with Placer County?

Yes No

Do you possess the equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in business or public administration, human resources administration, behavioral science, or a related field?

Yes No


NOTE: Applicants indicating a "no" answer to either of the above questions are encouraged to return to the job posting and review the minimum qualifications prior to proceeding. Applicants indicating a "yes" answer to the above questions should ensure that their application (specifically "Education, Licenses, and Training" and "Employment Record") demonstrates that the minimum qualifications have been met.


Part II: Professional Personnel/Human Resources Certifications (Not Scored)

 Please indicate which of the following professional personnel/human resources administration certifications you possess:

IPMA HR Senior Certified Professional (IPMA-SCP)
IPMA HR Certified Professional (IPMA-CP)
Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)
Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
Professional in Human Resources - California (PHRca)
Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)
Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi)
Senior Professional in Human Resources - International (SPHRi)
CalPELRA Certified Labor Relations Master (CLRM)
I have no professional personnel/human resources certificates or credentials

Other related human resources administration certifications or credentials (list below):



Part III: Examination (Scored)

This section of the supplemental questionnaire serves as the Civil Service Examination for this recruitment and will be scored based upon your responses below. Scores received from this section will determine applicant ranking and placement on the eligible list. Responses to the questions below will not be used for determining minimum qualifications for this position.

Panel members assigned to review and rate responses to the supplemental questionnaire will only have access to these responses and will not assess information contained in the application, resume, or other attachments. It is recommended that you respond to all questions with concise but detailed answers and provide all requested information. Each answer will be scored separately. Responses such as, “See Resume” or “See Application” will not be scored. Please note that indicating no experience in a specific area will not automatically disqualify you from consideration.


I have read and I understand the above instructions.




Describe your training and experience, including your specific duties and responsibilities, in each of the following areas:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Classification and compensation
  3. Labor/management relations
  4. Performance management/discipline
  5. Benefits administration
  6. Benefit/payroll transaction processing and oversight
  7. Equal employment opportunity program administration
  8. Agency-wide leave management and return to work program administration and coordination

Describe your experience supervising and managing staff. In your response, indicate your specific responsibilities, the types of staff members under your direction, how you ensured the work was being performed timely and accurately, and how you ensured sufficient internal controls were in place.


Describe your direct experience and role in managing or leading a significant project. In your response, include the following information:

  1. The goal/purpose of the project.
  2. The project scope.
  3. The composition of the project team and your relation to the team members.
  4. Your precise role in the completion of the project.
  5. The outcome of the project with respect to meeting the goals, expectations, timelines, and budget.

Describe your experience managing and/or performing employee personnel transactions (e.g. data on employees' hiring, promotion, transfer, termination, vacation/sick leave, FMLA, CFRA, PDL, or other accruals and balances, legislated leave time, etc.). In your response, include details regarding your experience with:

  1. Interpreting and applying organizational policies, procedures, and labor contracts.
  2. Using human resources information systems.

Describe your experience planning, coordinating, and administering life, health, dental, Section 125, retirement, and other employee benefit or deferred compensation programs. In your response, please include:

  1. Your role/level of responsibility with these activities.
  2. The type(s) of plan(s) for which you were responsible.

Describe your experience with implementing a compensation and/or benefits package. In your response, include:

  1. Your role in the implementation and the other stakeholders involved.
  2. The types of benefits included in the package.
  3. The number of employees, bargaining units, appointment types, etc.
  4. The HRIS system(s) utilized in the implementation.

Describe your experience interpreting, explaining, and/or enforcing human resources-related rules and regulations while prioritizing service to your customers. Please share a specific example.



Thank you for completing the examination portion of the application process. We encourage applicants to review their answers for accuracy prior to submitting.

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