Placer County

Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician - Senior (#12565)

$26.26-$32.78 Hourly / $4,551.73-$5,681.87 Monthly / $54,620.80-$68,182.40 Yearly


To perform the more specialized, complex and responsible administrative, clerical and document processing functions within the elections and/or recording divisions of the Clerk/Recorder/Elections Office; to serve as a resource to assigned staff and the public regarding the more complex areas of assignment; to provide lead supervision to clerical and technical staff; and to perform other duties relative to assigned areas of responsibility.


The Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician - Senior is considered the advanced journey level class, distinguished from other classes in the series by the level of responsibility assumed, the complexity of duties assigned, independence of action taken and by the nature of the public contact made.   Employees at this level perform the most difficult and responsible types of duties assigned to classes within this series including conducting research and problem resolution which requires specialized knowledge. The Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician  - Senior is required to perform all duties and responsibilities of multiple functional areas within the Clerk/Recorder/Elections Office and to provide technical and functional supervision over assigned clerical staff.
The Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician - Senior is distinguished from the Clerk/Recorder/Elections Supervisor in that the latter is responsible for serving as a first level supervisor of a work unit or program area within the Clerk/Recorder/Elections Office.


Receives direction from higher level management or supervisory staff.
May exercise functional and technical supervision over lower level technical and clerical staff.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Perform the more complex and specialized administrative and clerical duties within assigned functional areas; compile data; summarize and maintain a variety of reports, records, lists and files. 
  • Train assigned employees in their areas of work including recording or elections methods, procedures and techniques.
  • Verify the work of assigned employees for accuracy, proper work methods, techniques and compliance with applicable standards and specifications; ensure adherence to safe work practices and procedures.
  • Process and verify a variety of documents including general and legal correspondence, memos and statistical charts.
  • Serve as a resource to the general public; provide answers and information regarding processes and procedures for assigned area.
  • Sort and file legal and general documents and records; maintain alphabetical, index and cross-reference files.
  • Operate standard office equipment including personal computers and supporting word processing, spreadsheet or database programs.
  • Provide and maintain quality customer service relationships with co-workers, other County employees and the general public.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

In addition to the above:

When assigned to Clerk Services:

  • Provide customer service over the phone and in person at the clerk and copy counters; perform cashiering services; certify and copy vital records, maps and other documents.
  • Receive, review, verify and enter data on a variety of legal documents and records including marriage licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, certificates of notary, notices of determination and fictitious business names; verify identity of applicant.
  • Officiate marriage ceremonies, or deputize members of the public to officiate ceremonies, in accordance with State law.
  • Update and transmit official records on computerized systems on a daily basis; remove transmitted documents on a weekly basis; run month-to date and year-to-date system audits.
  • Prepare monthly subscription billings for customers who subscribe to special reports on fictitious business names and official records.
  • Log and track all vital statistics in preparation for scanning.
  • Organize and direct the workflow in the Imaging Center; train assigned staff on various equipment used in imaging process.
  • Organize and participate in the copying of records documents from microfiche; distribute to appropriate personnel for processing.
  • Copy, prepare and scan records and documents; make CD’s of scanned documents; roll film for documents and maps that have been recorded.
  • Maintain logs, files and statistical information pertaining to documents processed.
  • Troubleshoot mechanical and/or technical problems on scanning equipment. 

 When assigned to Recording:

  • Provide customer service over the phone and in person at the recording counter; perform cashiering services.
  • Determine appropriate categories of action to be initiated based upon the content of the documents, applicable laws, and regulations; record real property documents; process passport applications, and apply county seal.
  • Review complex legal documents to determine if the documents meet recording requirements; identify parties in document for indexing.
  • Respond to questions from the public regarding the recording of real property records; explain the application of the Government Code, or other statutes and regulations specifying actions to be taken as a result of the information provided; and prepare correspondence to answer questions regarding actions taken based on information in the documents.
  • Enter information into a computer system to initiate actions based on documents received and analyzed; apply proper codes for transactions.
  • Correct cashiering errors made by assigned staff; void documents and re-cashier as necessary; enter the correct codes for page count, transfer tax and the number of documents indexed; pay out appropriate accounts.

When assigned to Elections:

  • Compile, maintain and file voter registration documents, materials and logs; update and maintain manuals, indexes, voter registrations and inventory control files; process vote by mail voter requests; enter new voter registration cards; change, cancel or remove records; return incomplete voter registration cards.
  • Verify voter materials; review precinct rosters for duplicate voters and changes noted by precinct workers; make street and precinct changes based on information from other agencies or departments; change voters to correct precinct; verify petitions using the optical disc signature retrieval program.
  • Provide support to election processes and procedures; recruit, train and direct work of precinct poll workers; visit prospective polling places to determine desirability of locations and compliance with ADA requirements; organize and direct the work of temporary staff in assembling and distributing precinct materials and supplies; update training materials.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate supplies and materials; maintain supply inventory; supervise prompt delivery of ballot containers; assure adequacy and proper operations of voting equipment; make emergency pick-up or delivery of voting supplies.
  • Submit documents or reports to other agencies; create and maintain National Voter Registration Act records for reporting to the state and federal government; sort, mail out and process out-of-county notices to appropriate counties; enter data and generate reports.
  • Proofread sample and official ballot materials and make corrections as needed.
  • Assist candidates, officeholders and voters with questions and elections information.
  • Process election cost invoices and claims for payment; balance and deposit revenue; collect candidate and district election fees.
  • Collect and summarize election cost data; calculate and prepare billing for election services.


Experience and Training
Any combination of experience and training that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.  A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities would be:

Experience: Four years of increasingly responsible experience in analyzing legal documents including two years of experience performing duties similar to a Clerk/Recorder/Elections Technician-Journey in Placer County.

Training: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade.

Required License or Certificate:
May need to possess a valid driver's license as required by the position.  Proof of adequate vehicle insurance and medical clearance may also be required.


Knowledge of:

  • Principles of lead supervision and training.
  • Office methods and equipment including computer systems and applicable software applications.
  • Specific documents processed and the appropriate actions to be taken based upon the requirements of applicable codes, statutes and regulations.
  • Principles and procedures of complex record keeping and filing.
  • Principles and practices of customer service and proper phone etiquette.
  • Mathematic skills.
  • Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In addition to the above:

When assigned to Clerk Services:

  • Legal requirements for processing, recording and filing official documents including birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, fictitious business names, and related documents.
  • Office coding system for cashier documents.
  • Principles and practices of micrographics.
  • Chemicals and equipment used in developing microfilm.
  • Operating procedures of microfilm printers, digital cameras, high speed, flatbed and wide format scanners, video equipment, as well as CD burners and associated computerized processes.

When assigned to Recording:

  • Key items of information contained in documents that require the initiation of subsequent actions by the department.
  • Legal descriptions pertaining to vital statistics, property transfers or descriptions of real property.
  • Applicable sections of the Government Code, and rules and regulations pertaining to the transactions required by documents processed.

When assigned to Elections:

  • Organization and operating details of the County Elections Division.
  • Statutes and ordinances governing election procedures including California Election Code and other codes and statutes related to voter registration, vote by mail voting and canvassing procedures.
  • Principles of the National Voter Registration Act.
  • Operating procedures of the polls and precinct desk.
  • Equipment and materials utilized in the conduct of elections.
  • Specialized computer programs utilized in the election process.
  • Methods and techniques of training precinct and poll workers.
  • Operating procedures of an elections warehouse.

Ability to:

  • On a continuous basis, sit at a desk for long periods of time; intermittently twist to reach equipment surrounding desk; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; use telephone and write or use a keyboard to communicate through written means; and lift light weight.
  • Lead, organize and review the work of assigned staff.
  • Perform more complex and specialized clerical duties in assigned area of responsibility including maintenance of appropriate records and preparation of reports.
  • Identify and interpret complex technical and numerical information.
  • Understand the various documents to be processed and analyzed.
  • Examine and verify check records, documents and data.
  • Respond to requests and inquiries from the general public.
  • Retrieve, store and remove information in a wide variety of manual and automated filing systems.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality of restricted information.
  • Type or enter data at a speed necessary for successful job performance.
  • Perform mathematical calculations.
  • Operate office equipment including computers and supporting software applications.
  • Interpret and apply federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations.
  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

In addition to the above:

When assigned to Clerk Services:

  • Ensure identification of applicants.
  • Research discrepancies in applications.
  • Issue marriage licenses, certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates, and file fictitious business name statements.
  • Operate microfilm cameras, various scanners, video cameras, and related equipment.

When assigned to Recording:

  • Process and record a large volume of documents with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Review complex documents to determine appropriate processing.
  • Prepare letters and correspondence.
  • Read and understand manuals related to recording processing requirements.

When assigned to Elections:

  • Understand, interpret and explain election codes and procedures to the public.
  • Read, understand and apply provisions of the California Elections Code to specific situations.
  • Organize and coordinate the work of permanent elections staff and temporary precinct and poll workers.
  • Perform assigned elections processes and operations.
  • Operate optical and bar code scanners.
  • Sort and file election documents in compliance with mandated standards.
  • Monitor and order election materials and supplies.
  • Operate elections equipment and materials.

CLASS: 12565; EST: 6/1/2002; REV: 1/9/2017;