Placer County

Board/Commission Clerk - Senior (#12324)

$25.49-$31.83 Hourly / $4,418.27-$5,517.20 Monthly / $53,019.20-$66,206.40 Yearly


To perform the more difficult, complex, and highly responsible secretarial duties in support of the Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, or other boards or commissions; to assist in the preparation and distribution of the agenda; to take and prepare meeting minutes; and to perform a variety of technical administrative duties, including calendars and reports, in support of the division.


This is the advanced journey level classification within the Board/Commission Clerk series.  Positions in this classification are distinguished from the Board/Commission Clerk I/II classifications by the level of responsibility assumed and the complexity of duties assigned.  Employees in this classification perform the more difficult and responsible duties requiring a specialized set of knowledge and abilities, including acting in a lead capacity.  Employees at this level are required to be fully aware of the operating procedures, policies, and regulations within the assigned work unit.


Receives general supervision from supervisor or management staff.

May exercise technical or functional supervision over assigned clerical personnel.


Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Train and lead subordinates as assigned.
  • Assign, review and coordinate the work performed by subordinate Board/Commission Clerks.
  • Perform the more complex secretarial duties for the Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, or other assigned boards or commissions.
  • Attend meetings of the County Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, or other boards or commissions; take, transcribe, and proof meeting minutes, including summarization of proceedings and actions; prepare minute orders, resolutions, and ordinances; index, with appropriate cross references, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.
  • Coordinate the flow of information and documents relating to board or commission actions; prepare and publish legal notices as necessary.
  • Review Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, or other board or commission agenda items for accuracy; assist in the preparation, distribution, and posting of agendas in accordance with prescribed procedures.
  • Maintain records of pending and completed business; maintain a variety of records and files in a manner easily retrievable for reference.
  • Categorize, draft, finalize, collate, and distribute agendas for assigned Board/Commission meetings and/or public hearings; distribute to members and other appropriate parties in a timely manner.
  • Review agenda paperwork; receive resolutions, ordinances, and on-file documents from County departments; verify for completeness and proper format.
  • Oversee Board of Supervisors/Clerk of the Board contracts, including processing and monitoring District Aide and Assistant Aide contracts, Municipal Advisory Council Secretary Contracts, and Assessment Appeals Board Counsel contracts.
  • Schedule and arrange for assigned board or commission meetings or hearings; prepare legal notices as necessary for timely publication and distribution.
  • Take and transcribe exact dictation, including the recording of group discussions, at board or commission meetings and/or public hearings.
  • Prepare and word process a variety of documents, reports, memoranda, forms, and charts for presentation to Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, or other assigned board or commission; make copies, gather requested materials, and organize/collate in proper format.
  • Research and gather records for special projects/assignments; compile administrative records.
  • Provide information to staff and the public regarding procedures and requirements for presenting items to the assigned board or commission.
  • Maintain accurate filing systems for Public Records Act requests, claims, board or commission action documents, and specific correspondence logs.
  • Act as an information source to inquiries regarding assigned board or commission meeting standards and procedures; refer most complex and/or sensitive concerns to appropriate resource.
  • Compose a variety of correspondence and memoranda from rough drafts or independently as appropriate; proofread for accuracy, correct form, content, spelling, and proper English usage.
  • Collect and compile information from a variety of documents pertinent to assigned Board/Commission matters; prepare summaries and reports as required.
  • Maintain and monitor records and files; log in data/documents, track board or commission items, follow up on due dates and other matters, and perform monitoring functions to ensure timely completion.
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with coworkers, other County employees, and the public using principles of good customer service.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Experience and Training
Any combination of experience and training that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.  A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities would be:

Experience: Two years of increasingly responsible experience performing the duties similar to a Board/Commission Clerk II.

Training: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade.

Required License or Certificate:
May need to possess a valid driver’s license as required by the position.  Proof of adequate vehicle insurance and medical clearance may also be required.


Knowledge of:

  • Responsibilities, functions, and operating procedures of the County Board of Supervisors and other boards and commissions. 
  • Organizational structure of County government and the services and function provided by each department.
  • Pertinent local, State, and Federal rules, regulations, and laws, including those defining functions and activities of relevant public offices, public meeting requirements, and access to information.
  • Principles and practices of effective lead supervision, including training staff and the assignment and review of work. 
  • Proper preparation of a variety of legal documents, including agendas, summaries of action, and meeting minutes; and the format and legal requirements used in preparation of resolutions and ordinances.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 
  • Modern office methods, practices, procedures, and computer equipment.
  • Business letter writing and report formatting.
  • Principles and practices of taking formalized and exact meeting notes, including the knowledge of formatting and presentation as necessary. 
  • Advanced computer processing techniques and methods.

Ability to:

  • Act in a lead capacity over staff involved in the support of County boards and commissions.
  • On a continuous basis, sit at desk or in meetings for long periods of time.  Intermittently twist and reach office equipment; walk, stand, bend, squat, kneel or twist to retrieve files; use telephone; perform simple grasping and fine manipulation; see with correctable acuity sufficient to read characters on computer screen; hear and speak with correctable acuity sufficient to communicate with those contacted in the course of work; write and use keyboard to communicate through written means; hear proceedings and actions taken in public meetings; lift light weight.
  • Analyze and compile records in multiple formats. 
  • Understand and carry out a variety of complex oral and written instructions in an independent manner. 
  • Understand, apply, and accurately explain assigned Board/Commission policies, procedures, rules, and standards. 
  • Prepare an accurate and concise record of the proceedings of public meetings.
  • Index minutes of meetings in a logical and consistent manner to facilitate future reference or research.
  • Obtain information through interview; work with interruption while meeting mandatory deadlines; and deal firmly and courteously with the public.
  • Analyze situations quickly and objectively and determine proper course of action. 
  • Work evenings or weekends when Board of Supervisors or other assigned boards or commissions conduct meetings at times other than those regularly scheduled. 
  • Use a computer and peripheral equipment, calculator, typewriter, telephone, dictation machine, tape recording equipment, and tape duplication equipment, facsimile machine, postage meter, and photocopy machine. 
  • Perform assigned secretarial duties with speed and accuracy.  
  • Communicate clearly and concisely in both oral and written forms. 
  • Take accurate dictation at a speed of not less than 110 words per minute depending upon assignment. 
  • Type accurately from clear copy at a speed of not less than 50 words per minute. 
  • Compile and summarize information and maintain accurate records. 
  • Work with various cultural and ethnic groups in a tactful and effective manner. 
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

CLASS: 12324; EST: 9/2/1995; REV: 11/13/2017;