Correctional Security Officer IV

LARC, Lexington

Recruitment #220706-I10D-37


Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

Drug test required.

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities related to maintaining the security, control and custody of inmates in a state adult correctional facility.

The Correctional Security Officer job family consists of four levels, which are distinguished based on complexity of work performed, the training required to perform assigned functions and the responsibilities assigned for the supervision of others.
Level IV:                                   
This is the leadership level where employees are assigned responsibilities as a correctional security sergeant to include such duties as serving as a team leader or a lead worker and may also be responsible for providing training, assigning work and other related duties.  Employees assigned to this level that are working within an institution may be charged with independently performing a specialized function requiring a high degree of judgment and skill such as an inmate public work crew officer, gun gang officer, K-9 unit officer, transportation officer, restricted housing unit officer, key and tool officer, control room officer, visiting room officer, gate officer, activities officer, hospital security posts or armory officer.

Per 57 OS 510 applicants/employees in this job family shall be subject to the following additional requirements:

c.     satisfactory completion of minimum testing or professional evaluation through the Merit System of Personnel Administration to determine the fitness of the individual to serve in the position.  Written evaluations shall be submitted to the Department of Corrections; and

d.     satisfactory completion of physical in keeping with the conditions of the job description on an annual basis and along the guidelines as established by the Department of Corrections;

Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license at the time of appointment in order to perform necessary travel.

Applicants will be subject to drug testing.

Applicants must be willing and able to work any assigned shift or day of the week, and additional shifts as required.
NOTE:  Employees in this job classification may be designated as peace officers by the Director and required to meet the training and screening requirements conducted by the Department and certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.  (57 O.S. 510) Training will include physical conditioning, self-defense tactics, and receipt of an application of oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray.
No person who has received a verdict of guilty or pled guilty or nolo contendere to any offense required to register pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act is eligible for employment as a peace officer.  (57 O.S. 589.C)
No person who has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude who has not received a full pardon from the proper agency is eligible for employment as a peace officer.  (70 O.S. 3311)
No person who has been convicted of a nonviolent felony and who has not received a full pardon from the proper authority, or who has been convicted of any other felony offense, is eligible for employment in this job classification. (21 O.S. 1283.B)
No person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, who has not been pardoned for, or had the conviction expunged or set aside, or is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or the partners’ child or engaging in other conduct that would place an intimate partner or the partners’ child in reasonable fear of bodily injury and includes a finding that the person is a credible threat; or who has been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the armed services is eligible for employment in this job classification. (18 U.S.C. 922)


Minimum Qualifications
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of the statutory requirements contained in Title 57 O.S., Section 510.A.2:  a. The minimum age for service shall be twenty (20) years of age. The Director shall have the authority to establish the maximum age for correctional officers entering service and b. possession of thirty (30) semester hours from an accredited college or university; or possession of a high school diploma acquired from an accredited high school or GED equivalent testing program and graduation from a training course conducted by or approved by the Department and certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training either prior to employment or during the first six (6) months of employment....” PLUS twenty-four (24) months of experience in correctional or security work for a governmental agency or private corrections agency.
NOTE:  Successful completion of the GED test is based upon standards established by the Oklahoma Department of Education.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.