Environmental Programs Specialist

Recruitment #220701-R20B-15



Hiring Range: $ 1,668.58 - $1,881.71 Bi- Weekly

This position is located in Air Quality Division - Compliance & Enforcement Section in Oklahoma City, OK.

Major Job Duties:
 Perform all assigned Full Compliance Evaluations (FCE) and Partial Compliance Evaluations (PCE) targeted for evaluation within the allotted timeframe.  Prepare for FCE/PCE and other assigned evaluations by conducting a thorough file review.  Update the Division’s database (TEAM) with evaluation results.
 Prepare detailed written reports to document the findings of on-site evaluations.
 Draft and submit enforcement case documents following guidance procedures and timelines.  Accomplish enforcement case development and update TEAM in accordance with enforcement procedure timelines.
 Become knowledgeable of Air Quality regulations that pertain to facilities that have been assigned and administer these rules equitably and consistently.
 Become knowledgeable of leak detection methods, sampling methods, and stack testing/compliance monitoring methods and procedures as assigned by your manager. 
 Review notifications and reports, observe stack tests, and evaluate test protocols or sampling results within specified timeframes. Update the Division’s TEAM database following guidance procedures.
 Investigate environmental complaints from citizens while following all complaint procedures and timelines.
 Must be able to travel throughout the state and occasionally stay overnight for training and completion of FCEs or PCEs. Must have a valid driver’s license.

Method of Application:
Applicants meeting the minimum requirements must submit their application via State of Oklahoma Jobs website.  The application must include:
1. Resume
2. Transcript
3. References
4. Current or former employees of the State of Oklahoma must provide their two most recent PMP's.

Special Requirements:
Applicants must be able to:
operate a personal computer for long periods of time.
walk long distances or spend long hours on their feet.
walk over a variety of terrain such as loose gravel, slopes, excavated areas, and construction sites.
climb ladders or stairs.
carry equipment or supplies up to 50 pounds.
handle extremes of heat or cold and inclement weather.
be exposed to strong odors and possibly short-term exposure to pollutants such as air borne toxics.
travel throughout the state and occasionally stay overnight.

Applicant must have a valid driver’s license.

An EEO Employer


Bachelor’s degree with at least 24 semester hours in a physical, natural, or biological science, chemistry, geology, hydrology, physical geography, epidemiology, environmental science, environmental health, agricultural, environmental, geological, civil engineering, chemical engineering, or planned program degree with at least 24 hours of qualifying course work.

Salary may be commensurate for those with one year of professional experience in one of the areas listed; or a master’s degree in a qualifying area.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.