Ethics Compliance Officer/Auditor

Recruitment #220528-D12A-18


Ethics Compliance Officer/Auditor

Ethics Agency Overview
The Ethics Commission establishes rules for the ethical conduct of campaigns, state officers, and employees.  It investigates and may prosecute alleged violations of the Ethics Rules and other laws assigned by law. The Commission maintains the reporting system and reports for state political committees, others engaged in political activity, Lobbyists, State Agency Liaisons, and Personal Financial Disclosure for Elected Officials.

Job Duties
• Review the registrations and financial reports to determine compliance with the law and policies of the Commission;
• Identify areas of potential noncompliance, document those areas, recommend corrective actions to bring entities into compliance, notify filers and monitor accounts for corrections and improvements
• Identify issues that need to be escalated for review by a supervisor
• Work with management to identify issues which may be violations of Ethics Rules which require further investigation and/or legal action
• Recommend improvements in policy, changes in reporting processes to improve compliance with the Rules
• Assist filers with the online reporting system through one on one or group trainings
• Reconcile financial reports with bank statements and other documentation
• Perform user acceptance training on reporting system
• Compliance Officers may perform other tasks as assigned. 
Compliance Officer Qualifications
A compliance officer needs a distinct set of skills to successfully perform this role. 
• Ability and willingness to learn, understand, and apply reporting requirements
• Superior listening and communications abilities
• Strong sense of responsibility to the Commission and its mission
• Excellent time management
• Be detail oriented
• Possess strong problem-solving skills
• Superior record keeping and organizational abilities
• Strong multi-tasking and project prioritization abilities

Compliance Officer Salary and Benefits
$50,000 - $54,600; State of Oklahoma Benefits


Bachelor’s degree in business, political science, accounting, or related field.
(optional) 2 or more years with State or Government service or 1 or more year of accounting/auditing service.


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