Veterans Affairs Field Services Representative I, II, and III

Recruitment #220519-N13C-01




Applicants must be a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, discharged under honorable conditions, and eligible for veterans placement under the Civil Service Rules.
This position is for a VSR for the Claims & Benefits Division- Central Office.

Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs
2132 NE 36th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

$35,488.00 annually – Level I
$38,836.10 annually – Level II
$44,248.00 annually – Level III

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the coordination of benefits and other related services for eligible veterans and their dependents.  This includes serving as an advocate for veterans in order to maximize services and benefits for eligible veterans and their families in a designated geographical area.  It also includes serving as a liaison to other federal and state agencies in matters related to veterans services and benefits.

The functions in this job family vary by level, but will include the following:
•Interviews veterans and families assessing their needs and eligibility as related to receipt of state and federal benefits in the areas of medical treatment, disability compensation, insurance, pension, debt management, education, training, and rehabilitation.

•Performs case management duties throughout the processes of assessment, researching information, compiling reports, filing claims, formulating appeals, and obtaining benefits; interprets laws, rules, regulations and procedures and provides assistance in the completion of required forms; counsels and assists clients in utilization of appropriate resources, identifies deficiencies and develops a strategy to initiate actions necessary to obtain maximum benefits; advises clients of documentation required to support benefit claims; and makes referrals to other agencies and resources.

•Reviews rating board decisions insuring compliance with Title 38 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations; determines if appeal is warranted; initiates the appeal process by preparing a written brief outlining the basis of disagreement; and obtains client’s Power of Attorney to utilize as necessary.

•Prepares financial statements and interprets the correlation of Social Security, military retirement, other income and net worth affecting USDVA pension and compensation; assists clients in dealing with USDVA Debt Management Agency; prepares financial reports to support client’s request for waiver, postponement, compromise offers, or repayment plan for benefit overpayments.

•Independently reviews client USDVA files, evaluates evidence including veterans’ service and post-service medical records, as well as service histories; researches laws, regulations, policies and case law/precedent decisions from USDVA Board of Veterans Appeals and US Court of Veterans Appeals to prepare for hearings; and writes appellant briefs on issues that were previously adjudicated at a lower level.

•Acts as claimant’s legal representative during informal hearings before USDVA decision review officers, formal hearings before USDVA administrative hearing officers and Board of Veterans Appeals administrative law judges; presents oral arguments during hearings; obtains sworn testimony during formal hearings through a series of questions that are supportive of the issues on appeal.

•Plans/develops curriculum, conducts and coordinates training seminars and certification training for veteran’s service organization’s service officers, entry level VA Field Representatives and others as requested.

•Develops, maintains, and coordinates comprehensive veterans outreach and public information programs including certification through Veterans Affairs Regional Office. Serves as agency liaison and guest speaker at civic functions.

The Veterans Affairs Field Services Representative job family consists of four levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of work assigned, the level of expertise required to perform assigned duties, the location of specific positions, and the responsibility for the leadership of others.

Level I:
This is the basic level of this job family where employees perform entry level tasks to build their skills in the processing of claims and services based on federal and state laws and regulations to insure the entitlement and receipt of appropriate benefits and in counseling veterans and their dependents concerning benefits and services. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required at this level include knowledge of federal and state statutes and regulations pertaining to veterans benefits and programs; of Social Security, Worker’s Compensation and other rules, policies and programs that affect veterans benefits; of interviewing techniques; and of common adjustment problems experienced by veterans.  Knowledge of benefit counseling and interviewing techniques; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to follow written and oral instructions; to use various software and agency specific programs; and to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Level II:
This is the career level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving a full range of duties at the full performance level in providing services and assistance to eligible veterans and their dependents to insure the entitlement and receipt of appropriate benefits.  Limited responsibilities may be assigned for providing training or assistance to other, including administrative support personnel, in providing appropriate services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required at this level include those identified in Level I plus demonstrated ability to provide assistance and services to eligible veterans and their families.

Level III:
This is the specialist level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibilities involving advanced level work requiring a high level of technical expertise and supervisory skills in providing benefits and services to veterans, such as a project leader or other comparable duties.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required at this level include those identified in Level II plus knowledge of effective supervisory principles and practices; ability to organize and conduct several programs simultaneously; and to exercise sound judgment in analyzing complex situations and adopting appropriate courses of action.

Applicants must be willing and able to fulfill all job-related travel requirements associated with this position and be willing to relocate to a central area within their assigned territory.


Level I:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of work experience in programs for veterans for each year of the required education.

Level II:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level I PLUS one additional year of experience working programs for veterans.

Level III:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level II PLUS one additional year of qualifying experience.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.