Administrative Programs Officer III

Recruitment #220518-E12C-I09


*Division ONLY*
Annual Salary: $57,866.88

Basic Purpose
Position is needed to supervise operations for the DL Exam offices on the eastern side of the state, supervise the DLS Help Desk, develop ways to improve customer service, analyze data to make decision on staffing numbers.

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving professional level work in managing, coordinating or directing a major phase of a comprehensive or specialized operating program, providing staff services in various management areas, direction of a major operating division, program, unit, or functional area, or similar responsibilities.  This may include serving as an operating program manager assigned administrative, staff, or program responsibilities, coordination, promotion, and improvement of programs, providing services in the areas of formulating agency policies or operating procedures, preparing agency budgets, fiscal management, human resources administration, physical plant operations, or other management functions, supervising specialized agency services, performing highly technical managerial or administrative support duties for executive level positions, or directing and coordinating volunteer or educational programs, and other comparable responsibilities.  Positions not clearly identified by another job family, but having responsibilities involving directing, managing, or coordinating various agency functions or programs, may also be included in this job family.

Typical Functions
• Plans, organizes and/or directs a component of an agency or institutional program or a major division, program, or function
  established to accomplish a basic goal or mission of the agency.
• Interprets and advises agency personnel and the general public on departmental rules, regulations and laws governing the
  operation of the agency, division or department program.
• Prepares administrative, statistical and/or fiscal documents pertaining to departmental activity.
• Provides supervision or direction to assigned staff in planning, promoting, and implementing programs in accordance with
  agency policies and goals.
• Advises on future resource requirements, priorities for programs and activities; estimates timetables for accomplishing
  assigned activities; develops policies, rules, and regulations consistent with state and federal laws pertaining to the
  administration of programs.
• Plans, develops and conducts training, seminars, meetings, or clinics as required; represents the agency at meetings,
  seminars, and conferences.
• Drafts policies and procedures, and develops contract or grant proposals.
• Reviews proposed legislation and recommends changes; may act as legislative liaison.

Level Descriptor
At this level employees are assigned responsibilities involving the direction or management of a major program, division, unit or function, which is large in size and scope.  Responsibilities include program development, direction, planning, and evaluation and organizing and coordinating program services and activities.  Incumbents will be given administrative freedom to plan, develop, and organize all phases of the work necessary for its completion within broad program guidelines.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required at this level include knowledge of the methods of organization and management; of public administration; of agency policies and procedures; of grant or contract program requirements; of the legislative process; of basic research and statistical techniques; of federal and state laws and regulations relating to administration of assigned programs; and of supervisory principles and practices.  Ability is required to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to establish and develop training programs; to exercise good judgment in analyzing situations and making decisions; to organize and present facts and opinions; to plan, direct, and review the work of others; to analyze complex situations and make responsible decisions; and to coordinate the work of organizational units.


Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of a bachelor's degree AND four years of professional experience in business or public administration, including one year in a supervisory or administrative capacity; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of technical administrative* or professional experience in business or public administration for each year of the required education. One year of technical administrative* experience may be applied for one year only of the required experience. *Technical administrative experience would include highly complex clerical work gained under the direct supervision of a professional supervisor or manager.

NOTE: No substitution will be allowed for the required professional level experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity.

Special Requirements
Some positions will require that applicants be willing and able to perform all job-related travel. ## Some positions within the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry may require education and/or experience in the production, processing and/or wholesale marketing of agricultural products.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) has determined that some positions in this job family are safety sensitive as defined by 63 O.S. § 427.8.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.