Division Support Coordinator

Human Resources, Oklahoma City

Recruitment #220517-UNCI-I44


Division Support Coordinator
Human Resources

Salary:  $4,983.29 monthly

Basic Purpose:
Positions in this job are responsible for providing professional level support to the assigned division. 

Typical Functions:
• Conceptualizes, plans, develops, implements and administers the office operations of the division.
•  Coordinates and manages daily communication and operational oversight responsibilities with unit heads within the division.
• Provides interpretation and guidance to department staff and persons outside the department on laws, rules, regulations, and department policy and procedure pertinent to the operations of the division; serves as liaison to federal, state and local jurisdictions; provides information and responds to requests from both within and outside the department.
• Provides oversight of the development and production of statistical, informational, and fiscal data, reports and documents concerning the division’s programs and activities; designs and operates systems for the collection and dissemination of information.
• Assists with the development of division policies and procedures.
• Reviews all investigations, serious incident reports, and file reviews.
• Coordinates and manages special assignments/projects received from the supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of the principles and practices of administration; of correctional support operations and methods; of laws pertaining to operational support units; of the legislative process; and of the principles of management and supervision.  Knowledge of, and skill in, the use and application of appropriate information technology.  Ability to plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of others; to interpret, analyze and resolve highly complex and technical information; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to establish and maintain effective working relationships, to organize and manage several projects simultaneously; and to analyze complex situations and adopt an appropriate course of action.

Statutorily Required:  N/A

Job Code:  5992    DOC Pay Grade:  11     Statutory Reference:  74 O.S. § 840-5.5 or 5.11     Effective Date:  11/7/16


Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology, sociology, criminology, education, corrections, human relations, guidance and counseling, administration, criminal justice administration, penology or closely related field and three (3) years of supervisory or administrative experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year of professional experience for each thirty semester hours of the required education.

Preferred Qualifications:   Bachelors’ degree and three (3) years of supervisory or administrative experience in a correctional institution or closely related work.


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