Termporary Service Staff - Nursing

Recruitment #220504-Z50A-09


Temporary Service Staff - Nursing

Hourly Wage: $11.68

Basic Duties
*Assist nursing staff with general cleaning duties and non-direct care for residents. Assist with any resident the charge nurse identifies as a fall risk.  Also, Temporary Service staff are expected to be out and visible on the unit ready and available to offer extra assistance/companionship to any resident as assigned by charge nurse. Temporary Service staff will also assist the recreation department with tasks/projects as needed.
*Pass food trays on unit; clean dining area on nursing unit; wipe food off wheelchairs after meals. May be assigned to assist a resident in the dining room or put on a clothing protector.
*Clean wheelchairs & Geri chairs; strip & make beds as assigned by nursing; label water pitchers/personal items; pass water & ice; pass linens; restock supplies in resident rooms; restock linen carts; clean refrigerators & nutrition center on unit; clean bedside tables, over bed tables, & windowsills in residents’ rooms; straighten & clean the utility & supply rooms. Assist nursing staff when a resident changes room assignments; run errands for nursing staff as assigned.  
*Assist residents in offering and engaging in the scheduled activity on the unit.
*Offer companionship and calming presence to residents as needed.

Based on the personal interests and history of the resident assist the resident in engaging in any of the 4 categories of Life Activities in the common areas of the unit.  Examples include(but not limited to):  Work activities – productive tasks that offer a sense of purpose and contribution to the household/environment – ie: sorting socks, gardening, folding rags, wiping handrails or tables, organizing magazines; Self Care:  Sorting drawers, organizing our clothes, reviewing photos, preparing/enjoying simple snacks, polishing shoes and organizing closets; Leisure Activities:  games, hobbies, social interaction/discussion/reminiscence, puzzles, activity kits, crafts, decorating, singing, dancing; Rest Activities:  rocking/swinging, sitting outdoors (weather permitting), walking, listening to music, and therapeutic animals
Time and Attendance: 
Arrives at work on time; is punctual with lunch hour & breaks; makes productive use of work time, focusing on assigned duties/tasks. If you are unable to report for work as scheduled, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor prior to the beginning of the shift according to your department’s policy.  Nursing employees must call in at least two hours before the start of their shift and talk to the House Supervisor on the preceding shift. Failure to call in will result in an unauthorized absence and could result in termination.

Temporary Service Staff will NOT be allowed to provide any direct patient care (feeding, bathing, dressing, etc.).  Charge nurse on each unit will supervise Temporary Service Staff.

Additional Duties:
Temporary Service staff may also serve in non-patient care rolls such as door greeter, housekeeping, food service, etc. Temporary employees are employed to work less than 1000 hours in a 12 month period. 


None required.

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