Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (2900)

Recruitment #220429-UNCX-107



Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (2900)

Plans, administers, and updates OT programs for pediatric patients, 0-21 years of age, including assisting with evaluation, updating goals, completing discharge summary, and attending team meetings of assigned patients under the direct supervision of the OTR.

Provides direct patient therapy in accordance to established goals including providing or supervising the provision of adaptive equipment as needed.  Reports changes, suggested modalities, and adjustments needed in treatment plans as needed.  Communicates client update to supervising OTR at least weekly.

Assists in providing input, support, and training for OT, OTA, and pre-OT students.

Maintains current AOTA certification and Oklahoma licensure.  Attends continuing education courses.  Provides inservice training for department following continuing ed attendance, Center staff, clients and their families/caregivers, participates in departmental meetings. Participates in Center committees as assigned.

Participates in departmental maintainance such as gerenral cleaning, cleaning after every therapy session, and alerting custodians of necessary cleaning items, informs director of needed equipment and supplies for the department obtaining ordering information.

Assists with unplanned community Activities of Daily Living, ie. clothing purchases, hair cuts, field trips, etc... as needed.

Performs other duties as assigned.

This level requires knowledge of the basic principles, theories, and practices of the therapeutic techniques of the occupational therapy program; of  use of materials, equipment, and supplies used in therapeutic treatment and exercises; of anatomy and physiology; and of procedures and techniques used to evaluate and test individual or group skills and abilities; and of principles, theories, and practices of functional supervisor techniques.  Ability is required to read and interpret test manuals; to establish rapport with subjects; to exercise sound judgement; to analyze situations and adopt effective courses of action; to organize and plan work; to comprehend and carry out complex oral and written instructions; to prepare written reports; to work with individuals and groups; to conduct interviews and tests; to use therapy equipment; and to administer individual and group therapy and activities.


Requirements for this level consist of a current license or registration in the field of Occupational Therapy, such as a valid Oklahoma license as an Occupational Therapy Assistant issued by the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision and up to three years of experience when applicable.

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