Temporary Groundskeeper

Recruitment #220428-F79A-44



Temporary Groundskeeper

This position will work approximately 3 months, May, June, July, and/or August.

Under direction of the Senior Groundskeeper, mows and trims hospital grounds, trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Asks for assistance when determining the proper amount to trim and actions to take in order to avoid damage to lawn or trees, bushes, and shrubs.

Under direction of the Senior Groundskeeper, cleans grounds, removes debris and places in trash containers using appropriate machinery and/or equipment.

Assist in other maintenance of building and grounds as requested by supervisor.

Under direction of the Senior Groundskeeper, utilizes proper chemicals to deter insect population and control weeds.

Under direction of the Senior Groundskeeper, maintains proper moisture levels throughout the grounds to insure the proper growth of lawn, plants, shrubs, trees, and bushes.

Demonstrates safety awareness while performing assigned duties by using equipment properly, wearing safety belts, glasses, and reflective vests, if needed.  Follows policy guidelines when lifting and using proper body mechanics.  Complies with department policy for lifting up to 50 pounds and obtains assistance for weights over 50 pounds. 

Knowledge of lawn care and gardening methods, such as planting, pruning, and spraying; of the use of machines, tools, and materials in lawn care and landscaping; of green-house and nursery techniques; of the care of turf; and of the various plant diseases and insects and their control.  Skill is required to operate equipment, tools, and materials used in plant and lawn care; and to follow oral and written instructions.


Requirements consist of one year of experience in gardening, lawn care, or greenhouse work.

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