Recruitment #220428-F74A-01


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Salary Range: $3,838.94/mo ($46,067.31/year) - $4,040.99/mo ($48,491.91/year)
Location of Work:  Central Oklahoma (However, assigned work locations may be adjusted depending on the needs of the CIB.)

Enforces licensing act and regulations of plumbing trade. Works with local public and private groups to coordinate and educate on topics of licensing and code standards.  Gathers information, prepares reports, and testifies at hearings on licensing violations.  Home-based duty station in Oklahoma, likely Central Oklahoma, with specific counties to be determined; however, assigned work locations may be adjusted depending on the needs of the CIB.  Extensive in-state travel.  Some overnight travel required.  Must be able to pass a criminal background check.  

Typical Functions:
1. Enforces plumbing licensing act by investigating licensing and code standards including traveling to and physically inspecting construction worksites, receiving and investigating complaints regarding licensing and code standards, issuing necessary citations, interpreting plumbing codes and laws, preparing inspection and Notice of Violation (NOV) reports, conducting plan reviews when requested, evaluating installations by using codes and installation instructions, and preparing citations for failure to comply with NOV.
2. Works cooperatively with city inspectors, other government entities, private interests, contractors and professional clientele, such as general contractors, sub-contractors, job superintendents, engineers and architects, to offer information and education on responsibilities, role, and services of CIB.
3. Inspects and investigates construction sites to ensure compliance with all applicable licensing laws and adopted statewide construction codes.
4. Meets with other state agencies and local governments to compare and coordinate activities of mutual interest and makes oral presentations and reports to CIB Board and others.
5. Attends meetings of trade-related organizations, when requested, to advise and network with other investigators and inspectors to develop consistency in job performance.
6. Plans, organizes, and manages time and travel in relation to investigations, complaints, and inspections in assigned counties including ensuring full coverage of assigned territory.
7. Enters information into computer databases/logs, prepares summaries, prepares summaries, obtains supervisory approval of citation, presents citation to proper hearing committee and testifies at trade hearings.
8. Prepares travel reports, activity reports, and time reports for supervisory approval using computer.
9. Demonstrates attitude of support and cooperation to CIB Board, CIB Staff, industry partners, and customers while maintaining professional manner in dress, speech, actions, and attitude at all times.
10. Performs other duties as needed or assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Comprehensive knowledge of: investigative methods and techniques, state-adopted construction codes and technical standards of plumbing theories, and standards governing installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial and residential structures, and of The Oklahoma Plumbing Licensing Act and Industry Regulations.  Ability required to: establish and to maintain effective working relationships with others; to follow written and oral instructions; to apply appropriate trade theories and standards to a construction job site; to reasonably interpret laws, codes, and ordinances; and to read and accurately interpret blueprints and specifications; show demonstrated commitment in taking responsibility for and use of good judgment; maintain attention to detail; uphold and practice the code of ethics and employee handbook guidelines; and reasonably determine if a relationship or circumstance would cause a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts to question his or her impartiality in a matter, exercise common sense and good discernment, and take appropriate measures; physically perform inspections including driving to construction worksites along with significant walking, standing, climbing, crawling in tight spaces, grabbing, pushing, lifting, sitting and inputting/accessing information via a computer, any which could be for extended periods of time when necessary.  

The Construction Industries Board is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of the Construction Industries Board to not discriminate against or deny equal employment opportunity to any applicant or employee on the grounds of race, sex, color, age, national origin, genetic information, religion, or disability, so long as the disability does not render the person unable to do the work for which employed. All employees of the Construction Industries Board are “at will” employees. Applicants will not be discriminated against before or during their employment.


Licensure as plumbing journeyman or contractor in accordance with Oklahoma Plumbing Licensure Law, Industry Regulations, and five (5) years licensed, active experience in plumbing trade involving commercial and residential experience.  Have the knowledge, skills and abilities listed in this job description.  Reliable transportation is needed and a current valid Oklahoma driver’s license is required.  Absence of:  serious violation or disciplinary action under the Oklahoma Plumbing License Act and Plumbing Industry Regulations or another jurisdiction’s plumbing licensing requirements within the last five (5) years.

Certain related or relevant experience, training, or education, along with supporting reference checks, may enhance qualifications during the evaluation process.

The successful candidate is required to obtain both a national certification (in each residential and commercial plumbing inspection) and State of Oklahoma license (as a Residential Plumbing Inspector and as an Unlimited Plumbing Inspector) within one (1) year of hire. Upon hiring, the successful candidate is required to obtain a provisional license in each category unless already holding the required Oklahoma license. 

Preferred Qualifications:
Instruction or completion of: a Committee approved plumbing vocational education program consisting of one thousand (1,000) hours or more, a United States Department of Labor approved plumbing training course, an accredited plumbing vocational program, or completion of 30 semester hours at an accredited college or university or equivalent accredited vocational program in courses relating to the design, installation, and construction of plumbing systems.


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