Linen and Clothing Specialist IV

LARC, Lexington

Recruitment #220413-Z30D-I07


Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

$2,310.19 monthly – Level I
$2,421.41 monthly – Level II
 $2,542.48 monthly – Level III
 $2,669.60 monthly – Level IV

This position may be filled at the alternate level of the JFD depending upon the qualifications of the applicant.

Positions in this job family perform tasks involving laundry work, sewing, alterations, and mending at a state institution, school or facility.  This includes sorting, washing and maintaining clothing, linens, and draperies.

The Linen and Clothing Specialist job family has five levels which are distinguished by the complexity of assignments, the level of expertise required to perform the duties assigned, and the responsibility assigned for providing leadership to others.

Level I:  
This is the basic level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibility for performing routine entry level work in a training status to build their skills in washing clothing and linen, operating laundry and sewing equipment, and sewing, altering, mending, repairing and maintaining clothing, linen, draperies and miscellaneous items.  In this role they will load and operate washers, dryers and other laundry equipment, sort clothing to be cleaned, fold items after washing or repairing, and prepare items for delivery.  They will also sew by hand or machine, following patterns, cutting garments, and altering and repairing clothing and other items.

Level II:  
This is the career level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibility for performing a full range of duties involving laundry and sewing activities.  This includes preparing solutions used in the cleaning of items, making patterns, cutting material to patterns, taking measurements and fitting clothing to patients, residents and others, maintaining simple records, and making reports.  Some positions may be assigned occasional functional supervision of a section of the laundry or sewing services, including assuming the duties of the supervisor in the supervisor’s absence.

Level III:  
At this level employees are assigned responsibility for performing advanced level work which may include lead worker duties or similar responsibility for assisting in the direction of the operations of a laundry or sewing department at a state facility or institution.

Level IV:
This is the leadership level of this job family where employees are assigned responsibility for planning and supervising the operation and activities of a laundry or sewing department of limited or moderate size and scope at a state facility or institution.  This includes providing supervision to assigned staff, which may include employees, inmates and others performing laundry or sewing duties, estimating amounts of clothing and linen to be used, requisitioning supplies and materials, keeping production, inventory, time, supply and cost records, and teaching students, patients, inmates or residents as part of a vocational, therapeutic or rehabilitation program for the agency.  Supervisory responsibilities will include assigning and reviewing work, providing training, and insuring completion of required tasks.  Positions also provide direct supervision with responsibilities for employee development, evaluation of performance, approving leave and initiating disciplinary actions, as well as performing related administrative functions.





Level I:    
Education and Experience:  None required.

Level II:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of six months of experience in a commercial or institutional laundry, or commercial experience in the operation of a sewing machine, pattern making, or mending garments.

Level III:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level II plus six additional months of qualifying experience.

Level IV:    
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of those identified in Level III plus an additional two years of qualifying experience or for positions assigned to the Department of Corrections or the Office of Juvenile Affairs one year of direct and routine contact with juvenile or adult offenders may be substituted for each year of the required experience with a maximum substitution of two years and six months.


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