Health Information Technician

Medical/LARC, Lexington

Recruitment #220412-X10A-I04



Medical/Lexington Assessment and Reception Center

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities related to preparing, classifying and abstracting medical reports in the medical records unit.

The Health Information Technician job family consists of three levels which are distinguished based on the level of complexity of specific job assignments, the extent of responsibility assigned for specific tasks, the level of expertise required for completion of assigned tasks, and the responsibility assigned for the leadership of others.

Level I:   
This is the career level where incumbents prepare, classify and abstract medical records, performing assigned duties at the full performance level.


Level I:   
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of eligibility for accreditation with the American Health Information Management Association as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT); or two years of experience working with patient records in a medical setting such as a hospital, state institution, medical clinic or a physician’s office.


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