Program Evaluator

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Program Evaluator

range of $50,000 - $56,000; commensurate with experience, skills, and education. We also offer generous employee benefits, including a monthly benefit allowance and retirement contribution match.

The Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (LOFT) is a state agency in the legislative branch that assists the Oklahoma House and Senate by providing information essential to policymaking. LOFT is charged with ensuring state-funded programs are efficient, effective, and transparent. LOFT conducts multi-faceted evaluations of public expenditures and provides comprehensive, non-partisan, and objective analysis to the Oklahoma State Legislature.

The ideal candidate for this position will be solution-oriented, have experience with public policy and State Government, including reading and interpreting State Statutes and Administrative Rules, and be able to write for clarity.

Primary Responsibilities:
The role of a Program Evaluator is to objectively determine whether taxpayer expenditures are producing desired results and to recommend improvements to Oklahoma state government.

Program evaluators employ a varied range of skills, including fiscal analysis, data analysis, review of processes, conducting field work, conducting interviews, examining legislative intent and reviewing statutes and administrative code, and performing research.

A Program Evaluator will:
- Develop, lead and conduct independent program evaluations and special research studies to legislators,
- Identify opportunities for improved efficiencies and effectiveness of programs,
- Provide analysis of programmatic work by state agencies,
- Conduct comparative analysis, and
- Evaluate and analyze data

Skills Required:
Ability to work both independently and in a team dynamic
- Ability to adapt in a highly dynamic and deadline-driven environment
- Excellent communication skills
- Ability to extrapolate relevance of data and information
- Analytical, inquisitive thought process
- Ability to present data or information in creative and meaningful ways
- Ability to read or interpret statutes or provide legal analysis of state policy
- Post-secondary degree in public policy, economics, data analytics or legal studies