Correctional Industries Manager III

OCI/Joseph Harp Correctional Center, Lexington

Recruitment #220407-I30C-I03


OCI/Joseph Harp Correctional Center

Salary:  $4,245.49 monthly

Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the production of various goods or materials or the delivery of various services through the Oklahoma State Industries Program administered by the Department of Corrections.  This includes manufacturing operations involving items such as modular furniture, metal products, mattresses and other items and service contracts such as computer programming and data entry.

Level III:
At this level employees are assigned responsibilities involving management of a correctional industry of moderate size and scope, such as a moderately technical manufacturing industry or a service industry with a significant number of inmates assigned or which involves significant technical skills.  Some positions may be assigned responsibilities for assisting in the direction of an industry which is large in size and scope.

Some positions may require experience in a specific type of manufacturing or service industry.


Level III:
Education and experience requirements at this level consist of three years experience in data processing, programming or operations or in a production capacity such as quality control, inventory or production control, or in manufacturing or in food processing or food service management, plus one year of operations or production experience; or a substitution of one year of experience in correctional or security work for one year of the required experience only.


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