Registered Behavioral Technician

Recruitment #220404-Z12E-I01



Registered Behavioral Technician

$58,240.00 annual; $4,853.33 monthly; $28.00 hourly.

This position is required to be certified as a Registered Behavioral Technician.

This position will work closely with a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst This position is required to lift up to 30 pounds.  Must have computer skills and be capable to data enter into an electronic medical record system and ability to assist in writing progress notes for patient.

Assists in the development and implementation of individual treatment plans by working collaboratively with BCBA’s, Psychological Clinicians, Nursing, Therapeutic staff, and direct care specialists.

Reviews and ensures implementation of ABA and treatment team recommendations.

Provides ongoing staff education and training on patient behavioral and skill acquisition protocols.  Trains staff to fluency on various protocols and treatment techniques using verbal and written explanation.

Orients and mentors new DCS and RBTs by assisting in the onboarding and training as directed by the Nursing, Psych, and ABA Departments.  Coordinates in-hospital shadowing and training for new staff.  Ensures all competency training and education is completed within 6 months of employment with 90% completion.  Works with Nursing, Psych, and ABA Department in the development and implementation of training. 

Identifies avenues and training opportunities for staff improvement relevant to new and seasoned staff.  Present information to the Nurse Managers and the ABA Director for review and input.  Under direction of the Nurse Managers and ABA Director, assist in the development and coordinate the improvement training for the staff.

Assist other hospital personnel with related tasks as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in completion of their work activities and for the enhancement of daily operations of the hospitals.

Completes and delegates hospital unit daily assignments and projects as needed including, but not limited to: cleaning, organizing materials within hospital units and patient behavioral data entry.

Models appropriate patient interactions for staff by frequently interacting with patients and demonstrating appropriate and designated interventions.

Manage time effectively to ensure at a minimum to provide weekly training and coaching of each hospital unit.  Provide positive and constructive feedback to staff regarding clinical and professional skills on a regular basis.

Demonstrates safety awareness and models proper technique throughout the entire shift to include taking a leadership role in modeling and monitoring of hand-washing techniques, use of gloves for required tasks and complies with appropriate isolation protocols and universal precautions are followed, appropriate lifting techniques, awareness of patient and staff surroundings, using appropriate training techniques i.e. Safety Care, CPR, golf cart operation, and general safety of hospital unit and playground.  Follows agency and department policy guidelines when lifting by using proper body mechanics while performing duties.  Complies with department guideline for lifting up to 30 pounds and obtains assistance for lifting anything over 30 pounds.  Follows infection control policy, procedures, and guidelines in reporting infectious illness and in practicing proper universal precautions.  Ensure compliance for all safety guidelines to include lifting techniques, infection control and universal precautions, and 1:1 guidelines and requirements. 

Performs other duties as assigned.

At least 9-12 months exemplary performance as a Direct Care Specialist at JDMC. 

Must be a Registered Behavioral Technician, or at least 12 months exemplary performance as a Behavioral Technician/ABA Therapist with another ABA provider.

Knowledge of basic human physical and psychological needs; of simple health and safety precautions and basic first aid methods; of the format used to prepare daily progress and behavior reports; and of crisis intervention techniques.  Knowledge of behavior and adjustment problems associated with children or clients with multiple developmental disabilities; of developing individuals self-help skills; of health and safety precautions; and of the statutes and agency policy concerning care of residents/clients.  Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices. 

Ability is required to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to interact with children or clients with developmental disabilities; to read and comprehend training manuals; to follow written and oral instructions; to carry out the physical requirements to assist in lifting individuals, as necessary; and to exercise mature judgement in appraising a situation and adopting an effective course of action. Ability to exercise good judgement in the evaluation of situations and in making decisions; and in establishing and maintaining good working relationships with others. Ability to efficiently organize and supervise the work of others.


Requirements consist of three (3) years of experience working with children or adults in a treatment facility for disabled individuals or working with children or adults in a residential or school setting AND two (2) years in a supervisory capacity.