Direct Care Specialist

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Direct Care Specialist

$41,600.00 annual; $3,466.67 monthly; $20.00 hourly.

This position is required to lift up to 30 pounds.  Must have computer skills and be capable to data enter into an electronic medical record system.  This position has a rotating schedule and the shifts are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.; 2:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.; and 10:45 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. with one on-call day scheduled each week.

Function as a part of a direct care team to coordinate efforts to provide direct care assistance for their assigned patient(s).  Responsible for ensuring their patient and home assignments are complete and accurate.

Under direction of the Hospital Unit Nurse (HU Nurse), performs patient ADLs to include but not limited to:  preparing patient for daily routine i.e. morning hygiene, dressing, making bed, assisting with breakfast and lunch, ensuring backpack is ready for school, review patient schedule for the day.  Ensures appropriate outerwear is available for patient when necessary.

Ensures daily assignments are complete to include but not limited to:  patients' rooms are straightened and tidy, strip bed linen once a week or sooner if it becomes soiled, placing dirty linens in the laundry room, finish preparing breakfast and store remaining leftovers when done, set and clear table on the weekends, heat prepared meals on the weekends, load the dishwasher and put away the dishes on the weekends, maintain the kitchen on the weekend by straightening, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping the dinning/main room.

Responsible for accompanying and participating with patient to all activities to include but not limited to:  school, school scheduled activities, therapies, recreational activities, medical appointments, outings, any other patient scheduled activities.  Present self as support staff in these areas to minimize any patient injury, safety concerns, and destruction of property.  Ensures patient is available for all scheduled medication times and patient's schedule is followed each day.
Responsible for reviewing and knowing nursing care plans to include behavioral care components for assigned patients.  Under guidance of the HU Nurse, Therapist and Teachers, follows through and work towards the patient's therapeutic/educational goals consistently throughout the day.  These goals will include but are not limited to:  toilet training, feeding, communication, task completion.  Ensures all adaptive equipment is in place and properly used to help and encourage each patient's independent living skills.

Responsible for reporting on a variety of targeted behavior data collection throughout the shift to the HU Nurse to include:  medical and behavioral concerns, intake and output, injuries, dietary, etc.  During period of sleep, will be responsible for performing 15 minute bed checks to include turning patients as directed.

Responsible for documenting all data through out the shift in the electronic health reacord to include patient documentation,medical concerns, and behavioral concerns.  Behavioral concerns will be reported to the HU Nurse and the assigned BCBA, RBT, and or the Psychological Clinician.  Immediate medical and/or safety concerns should be reported as soon as possible to the HU Nurse

Communicates to on-coming shift any and all relevant information concerning assigned patient(s) to include but not limited to:  changes in medical condition, therapeutic goals,  behavior, update changes in the nursing care plans to include behavioral care components, preferred/non-preferred activities, or any other patient observations or responses.

Utilizes recreational therapy containers as designated in the lesson plans made by the Recreational Therapy Department.  Works with patients and follows plans for the scheduled activity time.  Picks up recreational therapy items, toys, books, blocks, etc. and places items in assigned containers. 

Demonstrates safety awareness during entire shift to include appropriate lifting techniques, awareness of patient and staff surroundings, using appropriate training techniques i.e. Safety Care, CPR, life guarding, bus driving.  Follows agency and department policy guidelines when lifting by using proper body mechanics while performing duties.  Complies with department guidelines for lifting up to 30 pounds and obtains assistance for weights over 30 pounds.  Follows infection control policy, procedures, and guidelines in reporting infectious illness and in practicing proper universal precautions.

Welcomes patient upon admission.  Assist with unpacking, inventory of personal items, and placing personal belongings in patient's room.  Assist patient in their new surroundings and making the patient feel at ease during the transition.  Assist in maintaining and tracking of patient's belongings.  Ensures all items are put away when not in use.  When a patient is scheduled for discharge, ensure all personal articles/belongings are accounted for and ready for their departure.

Completes all required and scheduled training, inservices, and meetings appropriately.

Requires knowledge of basic human physical & psychological needs; of simple health/safety precautions & basic first aid methods; of the format used to prepare daily progress/behavior reports & of crisis intervention techniques.  Ability is required to communicate effectively, orally & in writing; to interact w/children or clients w/develop disabilities; to read & comprehend training manuals; to follow written/oral instructions; to carry out the physical requirements to assist in lifting individuals, & to exercise mature judgment in appraising a situation & adopting an effective course of action.


Education and Experience consist two years of experience working with children or adults in a treatment facility for disabled individuals or working with children or adults in a residential or school setting.

This position will be required to shifts and to be scheduled one on-call per week.

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