Physician's Assistant

Medical/North Fork Correctional Center

Recruitment #220309-UNCX-I42


Medical/North Fork Correctional Center

Basic Purpose:
Under direction, performs professional medical services on a patient care unit in a hospital, institution, or correctional facility; and acts as clinical supervisor and serves as Health Services administrator in the administrator’s absence.

Incumbents in this class are assigned overall responsibility for the medical care and treatment of patients in a hospital, institution, or correctional facility.  This includes the clinical supervision of other professional staff.  Performs specialized medical work in the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injuries relating to any one of many specialized areas.

Incumbents will function under the limited supervision of a physician while performing a variety of tasks extending primary medical care and services to patients.  Supervises employees in the medical unit.  On an average, five or more incumbents in this classification are under the supervision of a physician.

Typical Functions:
• Plans and carries out a medical care program to meet diagnostic and/or therapeutic objectives.
• Assists in the planning and coordination of activities performed in an infirmary unit or ward; supervises lower level staff and acts as a clinical supervisor in a major institution.  Serves as health administrator in the administrator’s absence.
• Develops and implements facility/unit medical policies and procedures.  Assists in interviewing prospective employees; in determining training needs for all employees; and in determining staffing needs.
• Performs complete physical examinations; takes vital signs and examines specified problem areas; and orders radiological laboratory or clinical tests to pathophysiologic processes.
• Makes diagnosis determinations and decisions regarding treatment plan; prescribes medication for the treatment of the diagnosis.
• Makes rounds of infirmary units or wards, examining patients’ conditions, reviewing patient charts, and conferring with other patient care personnel.  Counsels with patient and family as to preventive care, medical problems, and use of prescribed treatment of drugs.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of the theory, principles, and practices of medicine; of health care delivery systems; of ambulatory care; of the languages used in pharmacy prescription writing; of human anatomy, physiology, and chemistry; of methods and procedures of laboratory and X-ray and other diagnosis techniques; of pharmaceutical agents, their usage, and contraindications; of minor surgical procedures and techniques; of safety and sanitation practices; of medical management techniques; and of the uses of medicines of illness.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships; to instruct clients; to interview and obtain relevant medical information; to exercise initiative and work independently; to exercise sound, independent judgement; to analyze complex situations and adopt an appropriate course of action; to develop therapeutic programs; to plan and evaluate training activities to meet training needs and priorities; to apply emergency and first aid measures; and to successfully diagnose and treat patients.

Statutorily Required:  N/A

Job Code:  2727    DOC Pay Grade:  Medical    Statutory Reference:  74 O.S. § 840-5.5 or 5.11    Effective Date:  08-01-02


Unrestricted certification as a physician’s assistant by the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision and national certification as a physician’s assistant by the National Commission for Certification of Physician’s Assistant or three (3) years of experience as a physician’s assistant.



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