Part-time Optometrist

Medical/Dick Conner Correctional Center

Recruitment #220107-UNCX-I19


Medical/Dick Conner Correctional Center

Salary: $4,665.50 Monthly

Basic Purpose:
Under general direction, performs professional work as an optometrist by examining and testing eyes and prescribing lenses and treatment as necessary for the resident population at a state correctional institution or facility.

Typical Functions:
• Develops and administers a program of optometry services within the institution; participates in the integration of the optometry program with other programs of the institution.
• Examines patients’ eyes for vision problems, disease, and other abnormal conditions and prescribes lenses and treatment as necessary.
• Fits patients with frames; fills out lab forms, and sends prescriptions to contracting laboratory; verifies prescription when it returns from laboratory; fits, adjusts, and dispenses eyeglasses or contact lenses to patient.
• Assists patients with prescriptions for eyeglasses from sources outside the institution; performs eyeglass repairs and re-examinations as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge of the principles and practices of optometry; of current literature and recent developments in the field of optometry; and of the laws, regulations, and policies affecting the practice of optometry.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships; to gain the confidence and cooperation of patients; to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; and to apply principles of self-discipline necessary to serve the needs of the patient population.


Licensure to practice optometry in the state of Oklahoma.


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