Contact Center Representative

Recruitment #211018-UNCA-31



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This position is the primary point within the agency for incoming member engagement and is responsible for responding to telephone calls, electronic communication, and in-person office visits. The goal of this position is to provide an excellent customer experience through resolution of questions and requests. This position performs a wide variety of tasks and takes personal initiative to find answers and solutions for individuals engaging the agency.

Essential Functions: The essential functions of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Responds to telephone calls, electronic communication, and in-person office visits through the agency’s Contact Center.
• Researches and resolves a variety of questions/issues relevant to members.
• Captures information related to any member engagement.
• Processes member requests for agency forms and publications and aids in properly completing forms.
• Processes incoming forms for approval. Provides follow-up to members regarding rejected forms.
• Seeks ways to improve methods and procedures as well as assisting in maintaining and updating Contact Center procedures.
• Ensures confidential, private and public information is handled appropriately and agency documents are maintained in accordance with agency policies.
• Routes calls to other departments as appropriate.
• Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Ability to apply agency policies and procedures, seeking assistance when needed.
• Knowledge of standard office methods, procedures, equipment and technologies, grammar, punctuation, spelling, basic mathematics, telephone procedures, and standard business communications; knowledge of agency records and document maintenance.
• Ability to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, with a diverse customer base.
• Ability to maintain control and composure during difficult and stressful situations.

Education and Experience:
Three years of experience in customer service. Thirty semester hours of college coursework may be substituted for each year of experience required. Experience in a contact center environment is preferred.

Physical Aspects of the Position:
The physical aspects of this position consist primarily of sitting at a desk with a computer or laptop, one or more monitors, a keyboard and a mouse, a telephone and a telephone headset. Most work duties are completed electronically, but occasional use of a calculator and/or copier may be required. Lifting and carrying objects weighing 25 pounds or less may also be required.

Competencies – Contact Center Representative

Customer Service
• Committed to providing high-level quality services
• Consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations and needs
• Uses customer satisfaction as a key measure of quality
• Accessible, timely, and responsive to customer inquiries and complaints
• Goes the extra mile to satisfy customer needs and expectations

• Exhibits integrity and honesty and uses good judgment
• Efficient, effective use of work time, equipment and resources
• Punctual and regular work attendance
• Follows established rules and procedures and asks questions when uncertain
• Seeks and assumes additional responsibilities as appropriate
• Takes personal initiative to complete tasks and solve problems
• Stays focused on the job, monitors progress, and manages time well with minimal supervision

Work Processes & Results
• Uses appropriate problem-solving methods to improve processes
• Collects and evaluates relevant information to make good decisions
• Sets priorities and follows through; seeks input from the supervisor if conflicts arise
• Meets productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules
• Informs supervisors or appropriate others of problems and identifies solutions
• Masters new tasks with diligence
• Thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail such as proofreading and double-checking calculations

• Supports and focuses on the vision, mission and goals of the team and agency
• Views team success as more important than individual achievement
• Works effectively with others to achieve organizational goals
• Accessible, timely, and responsive to the needs of the team and other co-workers
• Focuses on the situation, issue or behavior rather than on the person
• Contributes to the development, cohesion and productivity of the team
• Supports teamwork and cooperation through open and honest communication

Innovation & Change
• Receptive to new ideas and adapts to new situations
• Willing to explore different options
• Seeks out and acts on opportunities to improve, streamline, and reinvent work processes
• Helps others overcome resistance to change
• Adapts quickly to change and is flexible
• Avoids being overly defensive and is willing to explore different options

• Gives and accepts constructive feedback and is not overly defensive
• Participates in and seeks out opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills
• Applies new knowledge or skills acquired from developmental opportunities
• Learns and masters new information and processes
• Documents acquired knowledge for transfer to other employees

• Listens, understands and responds to others with courtesy, tact, and empathy
• Participates in meetings in an active and cooperative manner
• Communicates effectively one-on-one and in groups
• Writes clearly and succinctly and avoids overly technical language
• Responds timely to emails, phone messages, and mail

Technical Competence
• Uses knowledge acquired through formal or on-the-job training
• Works with, understands and evaluates technical information needed for the job
• Problem-solves technical issues
• Adapts to and learns new technology


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.