Human Resources Management Specialist III

Recruitment #211013-C31C-I16


This position is located in the Human Resources Section within the Support Services Division.

•Manage and complete HR related activities to include recruitment and selection, time and leave, benefits, payroll and transactions.
•Develop and maintain various databases to track personnel and personnel related activities.
•Interpret, implement and ensure agency compliance with HR related Federal and State laws, Merit Rules, OSBI policies and HR processes and procedures.
•Complete various reports to OSBI management, state entities and federal labor-related agencies involving personnel activities with thoroughness.
•Communicate, orally and in writing, with management, employees, and associated entities in regards to personnel related matters with diligence, impartiality and confidentiality.

PeopleSoft experience preferred.

Successful applicants must be willing to submit to a drug screen, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation (commissioned positions only), and a thorough background investigation. Certain events automatically disqualify an applicant, such as, felony conviction; admission of an undetected crime that, if known, would have been a felony charge; failure to pay federal or state income tax; positive confirmed drug urine test; illegal use of a controlled substance within certain time frames.


Positions in this job family are assigned responsibilities involving the management of human resources, the completion of various human resources management activities and personnel actions, and the application of laws, rules and standards related to personnel and payroll administration and human resources management.  Some positions are assigned responsibilities in a specialized area of human resources management, such as compensation, classification, recruiting, grievance management, personnel selection, employee benefits, or employee transactions.  Other positions may be assigned responsibilities in several or all of these areas, depending on the size and organization of the unit or agency to which assigned.


This job family consists of four levels which are distinguished based on the complexity of assignments, skills required to complete specific assignments, and responsibility for the supervision of others:

Level III:  
At this level employees perform advanced level human resources management work in administering various personnel programs or activities.  This may include independent responsibility for a specialized agency program, duties involving providing assistance in the supervision and training of other human resources management specialists as a lead worker or project leader, or other comparable responsibilities for coordinating and completing required activities.


Level III:  
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of bachelor’s degree plus two years of professional experience in human resources management; or a master’s degree in human resources, industrial/organizational psychology, public administration, sociology, psychology or a closely related degree plus one year of professional experience in human resources management; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Experience which was incidental to or not a major responsibility or duty of the position shall not be accepted as qualifying.

Human resources management experience should include at least one of the following:  job analysis, position classification, wage/salary and benefits administration, civil rights administration, recruitment or payroll administration.


Please read instructions carefully and include all required documents when you submit your application.

No additional information will be accepted after the application has been submitted.