Environmental Programs Specialist

Recruitment #210419-UNCR-14




All applicants, including unclassified employees of the State of Oklahoma, meeting the minimum qualifications may apply online.

All interested applicants must submit their resume, transcript, and three business references at the time of application.

Please do not send personal identifiable information such as SS# and DOB on your documents. This information must be redacted before submitting. 

Not all applicants will receive an interview.  If you are selected to be interviewed, you will be notified by email.

This position is located in the Land Protection Division- Solid Waste Compliance Section.


Major Job Duties:
• Plan and conduct inspections of solid waste disposal facilities
• Prepare inspection reports/enforcement documents and monitor compliance with enforcement documents
• Investigate and resolve complaints
• Review non-hazardous industrial waste certifications using knowledge of hazardous waste parameters
• Evaluate beneficial reuse requests utilizing knowledge of hazardous waste parameters and risk
• Provide customer service and technical assistance to internal and external customers
• Participate in public outreach/training events

Education and Experience Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree with at least 24 semester hours in a physical, natural, or biological science, chemistry, geology, hydrology, physical geography, epidemiology, environmental science, environmental health or civil, agricultural, environmental, geological or chemical engineering.  Salary may be commensurate for those with a master’s degree or three years of experience.

Special Requirements:
Position requires travel to the field approximately two or more days a week in locations throughout the state and meetings and trainings in and out of state. Must be able to walk 1 mile or more over a variety of terrain such as creek banks, loose gravel and slopes carrying sampling equipment.  Applicant must be proficient in Microsoft Office software

An EEO employer




Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service.